The roadmap to adopting your perfect rescue dog...

If You Are Ready To Adopt a Dog, Then You Need These Videos and Workbooks!

Does this sound familiar?

I'm ready to adopt a dog, but have no idea where to start! 

What kind of dog fits my lifestyle? How do I know what breed to adopt? 

Do I adopt from a rescue, humane society, pet store, or go to a breeder? 

The application process is overwhelming… why is it so complicated?

There are many cute dogs to choose from! Which one is the best for me and my family?

How do I know it will be kid-friendly?

I finally found my perfect dog, now what?  It’s as simple as bringing my dog home and living happily ever after, right?

Adopting Your Perfect Dog 101 is a 6 module, 12 lesson, easy-to-follow course that will teach you everything you need to know about adopting your perfect family dog. Each module includes a workbook and 3 video lessons.

Adopting Your Perfect Dog 101 Roadmap
Adopting Your Perfect Dog 101 Roadmap

Your Dog Adoption Journey

1. Defining Your Perfect Dog

Choosing the right dog to be part of your family is crucial for a happy ending. We will be figuring out what type of dog will fit into your lifestyle.

2. Where is the Best Place to Adopt a Dog

It's time to start searching for a rescue or shelter. But where do you start? How do you know where the best place to adopt a dog is in your area?

3. The Adoption Application Process

The application process doesn’t need to be scary. It can feel over overwhelming, but we will be going over everything you can expect during this step.

4. Choosing and Adopting Your Perfect Dog

This dog will be part of your family for the next 10-15+ years. We will be going step-by-step to help you find the perfect match for you and your family.

5. Bringing Your New Family Member Home

Let's get ready to bring home your new dog! Getting the right supplies, puppy proofing, and what to expect during the adjustment period.

6. Three Special Bonuses

I wanted to make sure I cover everything that could possibly come up in your adoption process. 

Get instant access to Adopting Your Perfect Dog 101 now!

You will receive 6 modules, broken down to 12 easy-to-follow lessons. Each lesson includes a video and workbook. 

Go from unsure and confused about where to start, to confidently adopting the rescue dog of your dreams! 

Adopting Your Perfect Dog 101 Course Materials

DEBI McKEE  //  Your Guide

As the creator of Rescue Dogs 101, I guide people in their journey of adopting and raising a rescue dog every step of the way.

I pride myself in being an advocate for rescue dogs. We volunteer for our local dog rescue as a foster home and I perform home visits as part of the application process.  I am also a senior canine care assistant at my local humane society. 

My goal is to keep learning so I can help more rescue dogs and people!

Debi McKee


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I cannot guarantee that you will adopt dog that is free of any behavior or health issues. But I can promise you that I’m going to help you step-by-step to ensure you have all the tools you need to find a dog that is your perfect match.

Debi McKee

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