Best Place to Buy Dog Food and Supplies Online

Best Place to Buy Dog Food and Supplies Online

We can order just about anything online, including everything and anything for our family pets. From dog food to toys to cameras to spy on our pups while at work. Finding the best place to buy dog food and supplies online can save you time and money.

Benefits of Ordering Our Dog’s Food Online vs. Local Pet Store

  • No need to drive to the pet store, saving on gas money
  • No impulse buys on toys and treats we don’t need
  • Less expensive (most of the time)

bulldog looking at computer to buy dog food online

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I am reviewing my top two choices, vs. Amazon. The benefits of each and then I will do some price comparisons on products I have purchased from each.

Ordering Dog Food and Supplies from

I can’t remember how or even when I first heard about ordering dog food from, but I do know I haven’t looked back since.

Why do I love so much? The ability to hyper search dog food by ingredients. With a dog that has food allergies, this is really important to me. I need to read all of her food labels to make sure there are no ingredients she is allergic to and Chewy makes this very easy to do.

Not only can I search by ingredient, but I can also view the list under nutritional info and by an enlarged photo of the bag itself. Can you imagine doing this in a local pet store? I’d be there all day! does not usually offer coupons, but they do offer a several benefits and deals:

  • Available 24/7 via phone, email, chat, and social media – including holidays and weekends
  • Save 30% on your first auto-ship
  • Save 5-10% on dog food when you use auto-ship
  • Free 1-2 day shipping on all orders over $49
  • Customer Service goes above and beyond the average experience
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Ordering Dog Food and Supplies from Amazon

It’s crazy to think about how Amazon has taken over our shopping experiences. I admit, my entire family are Amazon shopaholics! Mostly, my college-aged boys, they order everything on Amazon.

For me, there are some things I like to touch and feel in the store before buying. Sometimes I end up buying at the store, and sometimes after researching finding it cheaper on Amazon.

My dog’s toys and supplies are on that list. I opt for for our dog food because I feel more comfortable knowing it’s fresh from a pet specialty shop. But I have been known to add a dog toy or two in my shopping cart on Amazon!

Amazon’s pricing is very comparable and sometime the same as

Shopping at Your local Pet Store

I realize some people like to support their local merchants, which is great. And we still head over to our local Mounds store occasionally. But I also need to be budget conscious, and my dogs are a big part of our budget.

Some local pet stores do offer loyalty programs, so this is something to consider.

dog licking chops at box the best place to buy dog food online

Our pup, Ginger, loves when we get deliveries!

Chewy vs. Amazon for Dog Food and Supplies

Below are a few items I regularly order online for my dogs. Amazon does not allow me to list prices since they can change daily. You will need to check the price to see how it compares.

Zignature Trout & Salmon Meal Limited Ingredient Formula Grain-Free Dry Dog Food
Winner: Chewy as of 11/30/18
On $64.99
Check the price on Amazon

Instinct by Nature’s Variety Original Grain-Free Recipe with Real Rabbit Dry Dog Food
Winner: Tie as of 11/30/18
On $57.92
Check the price on Amazon

Wellness CORE Grain-Free Ocean Whitefish
Winner: Tie as of 11/30/18
On $67.99
Check the price on Amazon

Fruitables Greek Coconut Yogurt Flavor Crunchy Dog Treats
Winner: Tie as of 11/30/18
On $4.49
Check the price on Amazon

Check the price of your dog food on Chewy

Check the price of your dog food on Amazon

MidWest LifeStages 36” Double Door Dog Crate
Winner: Amazon as of 11/30/18
On $48.00
Check the price on Amazon

Musher’s Secret Paw Protection Natural Dog Wax
Winner: Chewy as of 11/30/18
On $12.75
Check the price on Amazon

KONG Classic Dog Toy
Winner: Chewy as of 11/30/18
On $10.99
Check the price on Amazon (2-pack) single not available

EcoEars Natural Dog Ear Cleaner
Winner: Tie as of 11/30/18
On $21.88
Check the price on Amazon

dog licking chops at zignature dog food

The Results: So Where is the Cheapest Place to Buy Dog Food?

That depends on the brand, and if you prefer the auto shop option from

In summary, I found and Amazon comparable and in many cases the exact same price.

For our family, the best place to buy dog food online is I prefer the shopping experience on their website over Amazon.

The key to is that they offer a discount when you choose their auto-ship service. The first time you try this service, you can save 30% on your entire order. Then each time after that you save 5% on your dog food.

We feed our dogs the Zignature dog food. So that saves us $3.25 each bag of food.

If you order dog food once a month, you’d save $39.00 per year on dog food. In the lifetime of a 12-year-old dog, that means you save $468.

Is that going to make or break your bank account, probably not? But if you have two or more dogs, it adds up really quick.

For us with two dogs and many times, a foster dog makes three, we would save over $1,000/year.

Where is your favorite place to order your dog’s food and supplies? Please share your experience with a comment below. It will help others in our community make the right decision for their family.

Check the price of your dog food on Chewy

Check the price of your dog food on Amazon

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