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Guest Post on Rescue Dogs 101 accepts a limited number of guest posts. I am very particular on the content on this site, as our Rescue Dogs 101 community is a very important to me. I spend many hours writing my blog posts to ensure I am delivering high-quality content. As a potential guest post author, you will be held to the same level of quality.

Guest Post Guidelines:

  1. Style Read through some of the posts on to familiarize yourself with my writing style and targeted audience.
  2. Topic The topic that you write about should appeal and be helpful to the Rescue Dogs 101 community. Topics must fall under either adopting a dog, training a dog, or keeping a dog happy and healthy. Your post should NOT be self promotional. It cannot be an advertisement about you, your product, or your service. This would be considered a Sponsored Post and is not allowed as a quest writer.
  3. Length Your guest post should be between 600 to 1,500 words. Your article must be written in English, using good grammar, spelling, and punctuation. It should be easy to understand and written with short sentences and paragraphs, broken up into sections with headlines.
  4. Content The content of your post MUST be completely original and not published anywhere else online or offline. To support points made in your article, you may include up to two relevant links within your content to reputable and authoritative websites (no affiliate links). I reserve the right to edit your guest post and remove the links within. I also reserve the right to add links within your content to relevant articles on
  5. Imagery Include three images:
    • 900 x 450 (variable, but no more than 450 for the post feature image)
    • 735 x 1102 (to share on Pinterest)
    • 900 x 470 (to share on Facebook and Twitter)
    • Images should use the same photo/image but sized according to the above dimensions. The photo should be taken and owned by you – please no stock photography, paid or free. If you include people in your photos, you must include a signed model release. By submitting these photos, you will be giving me permission to use and distribute these photos on and on social media to promote your guest post. You are also giving me permission to apply text overlays to these photos to further promote your guest post.
  6. Bio Submit an author bio of no more than 2-3 sentences along with a headshot. Your author bio may include 2 links – one to the homepage of your website and another to one of your social media profiles for your business, or to a subscribe page on your website’s domain.
  7. Promotion As a guest post author you are required to promote your guest post actively on your social media profiles and respond to any comments on your guest post. I would also appreciate it if you would share a link to the article on your blog and in your email newsletter.
  8. Submission Upon review, Rescue Dogs 101 reserves the right to reject your guest post if I feel it does not hold up to our standards.

Would You Like to Submit A Guest Post?

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