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Your dog is talking to you, but are you listening?

You love your dog, he is your family and you'd do anything for him, right? He's your fur baby!

We buy our dogs the best food, fun toys, take them for walks and maybe even to the dog park... and yet we don't take the time to learn their language. 

Is that fair to your fur baby? To expect them to understand your commands, but for you not to listen to them back?

This is why I created the Dog Body Language 101 e-book, a simple step-by-step way to learn what your dog is saying to you. 

A simple head turn, a yawn, a lick of the lips... all signals to you from your dog. Every single movement of your dogs tail, ears, eyes, mouth, her entire body is talking to you!

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Create a Strong Bond with Your Dog

Dog Body Language 101 is 27 pages jam-packed with photos and information to start creating a strong bond with your dog

When you are done reading just the first few pages of Dog Body Language 101, you will start looking at your dog in a whole new light. It’s amazing when you understand each others language how much more connected you will feel.

Let's Look at the Example Below

In these pictures of the dog with his family, what are your first thoughts about each situation? How is the dog feeling? Is he happy or sad? Does he want to play? Or is he uncomfortable and maybe even scared?

This dog is uncomfortable in the situation, the Dog using calming signals with his ears and head

Click here to reveal the answer.

This dog is uncomfortable in the situation, the Dog using calming signals with his eyes, ears and head

Click here to reveal the answer.

This dog is happy in the situation, the Dog ears, mouth and eyes are relaxed

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Watch the video above to learn more about how to play...

Order Today and Receive 24 Dog Body Language Flash Cards!

Because I know how important it is for our kids to understand our dog's body language too, I've created a set of 24 dog body language flash cards. These flash cards make it fun for kids and adults to learn. Several game suggestions included to help guide you and your family in learning more about your dog! These will be part of the PDF download when you purchase the e-book. 

Learning to Read My Dogs Body Language Changed Our Lives Forever.

It wasn’t until we started fostering dogs that I really started to understand the language of dogs. As a foster family for dogs, we have been blessed with so many different dog personalities. We’ve had dogs from confident to scared to aggressive. 

When we adopted our dog Ginger, I had no idea she would change our lives so much. After a few months in our home, we realized she had resource aggression. We worked with a behaviorist dog trainer, learned to read her body language, and made some adjustments in our daily routine. 

I thought I knew my dogs pretty well, until we started learning our dogs’ body language. All I can say is WOW, what an eye-opening experience! That is why I want to share that knowledge with you in my Dog Body Language 101 e-book. 

Rescue Dogs 101 Debi McKee

Is it fair to your fur baby to expect him to understand your commands, but for you not to listen to him back?

I Personally Guarantee You Will Love Dog Body Language 101

I totally get it, buying online can be scary. But I promise, if you do not love my Dog Body Language 101 e-book, I will refund your money, no questions asked. Just send me an email within 7 days of your purchase. I have put a lot of hard work researching and writing this product and know it is full of great information that will help you learn more about your dog.

As you read through the Dog Body Language 101 e-book, you will:

  • Discover what and how to recognize calming signals.
  • Learn how to know when a dog is relaxed, scared or aggressive.
  • Understand your dog’s tail wag. Hint: a wag is not just a wag!
  • Learn what those big brown eyes are really telling you and all his other body parts.
  • Find encouragement and inspiration from real-life stories.
  • Begin to truly bond with your dog like never before.
Dog Body Language 101 Book Cover

The Dog Body Language 101 e-book will be delivered as an electronic PDF download. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is a free from Adobe.

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dog at computer buying dog body language 101

Your dog is begging you to buy the Dog Body Language 101 e-book today, so what are you waiting for? 

Your dog is going to thank you with tail wags, licks to the face, maybe even a doggy hug! Learning your dog’s language is going to change your lives forever. Each time you notice a lip lick, yawn or tail wag, you will be having a conversation with your dog.

Don’t wait another moment, buy the Dog Body Language 101 e-book now and create the best relationship with your dog you’ve ever had.

Get Your Dog Body Language 101 e-Book 
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