A simple head turn, a yawn, a lick of the lips… all signs to you from your dog. Every single movement of your dogs tail, ears, eyes, mouth, her entire body is talking to you.

Do you wish you could read your dogs mind? 

With the Rescue Dogs 101Dog Body Language Bundle you can. Learn canine body language with our complete photographic guides.

When you are done reading just the first few pages of Dog Body Language 101, you will start looking at your dog in a whole new light. It’s amazing when you understand each others language how much more connected you will feel.

Start with the e-book which goes into detail about what to look for in your dogs body. Using full color, large photos to help illustrate different body signals. Then add our flash cards and coloring books to complete the set.

The Complete Dog Body Language Bundle

Dog Body Language – Learning Set

Give your dog the gift of reading his mind. Take your relationship to the next level and create a strong bond with your dog.

Save when you purchase the entire bundle of dog body language products. Get the ebook, flashcards and both coloring books for only $20.00 — that’s 28% OFF the regular price.

  • 27 page photographic guide ($7 value)
  • 30 flash cards ($7 value)
  • Youth and teen/adult coloring books ($14 value)

$20.00 Bundle (normally $28)

NOTE: ALL files will be delivered as an electronic PDF download. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is a free from Adobe. No physical products will be sent.

If you prefer to purchase an item or two separately, you may do so below.

Dog Body Language 101 Guide

Dog Body Language 101 Book Cover

Do you wish you could read your dogs mind? With the Dog Body Language 101 guide you can… almost.

After reading the 27 pages filled with photos and information, you will not only grow a stronger bond with your dog, but neither of you will get frustrated when your dog is trying to talk to you.

  • Discover what and how to recognize calming signals.
  • Learn how to know when a dog is relaxed, scared or aggressive.
  • Understand your dog’s tail wag. Hint: a wag is not just a wag.
  • Learn what those big brown eyes are really telling you and all his other body parts.
  • Find encouragement and inspiration from real-life stories.
  • Begin to truly bond with your dog like never before.


Dog Body Language 101 Flashcards

dog body language flash cards

The Dog Body Language 101 flashcards compliment the book, making it easy and fun for children and adults to learn even more about canine body language.

Several game suggestions included to help guide you and your family in learning more about your dog.  

You will receive 30 flashcards to print. Includes step by step instructions.


Dog Body Language Coloring Books

Body Language Coloring Book for Children

These 30 coloring pages compliment our Dog Body Language ebook and flash cards. 

A simple design is perfect for younger children to learn about dog body language while having fun coloring. 

$7.00 each
Youth Version Only

Body Language Coloring Book for Adults and Teens

The matching Adult/Teen version have Mandala backgrounds so you can have a conversation about dog behavior while you color together. 

$7.00 each
Adult/Teen Version Only

You will receive a link to download a PDF which you can print at home so you can start coloring and learning today.