If you don’t know where your dogs vaccination records are or have her microchip number at the tip of your fingers, then keep scrolling…

Can we get real for a second?

Do you have any clue if your dog has the vaccines required to go to training class or doggy daycare?

If you walked into your vet’s office today, would you be prepared to answer all of their questions? 

  • What brand of food your dog eats?
  • When was their last heartguard pill? 
  • Do you need a refill?
  • What flea/tick meds are you using?
  • What supplements have you given her?
  • Or maybe you need to book your dog with a sitter or boarding facility. Can you completer their questionnaire form without spending an hour searching for all your dogs health records?

    It’s not like you aren’t organized, but there are so many different places your dogs info is stored. Paper receipts, emails, online accounts…

    But I’m here to tell you, it’s not your fault…

    It's not because you don’t love your dog like family, but who has time for all that?

    You see no one ever tells you as a dog parent that you’d have to keep track of all this stuff, and end up with a mountain of papers over the years. 

    Which is why you need a system to keep you organized, that is easy and fun to use. And can be at the tip of your fingers at a moments notice.


    My Dog's Health Planner

    by Rescue Dogs 101

    A 34-page digital dog health record book with fillable form fields to make it easier than ever to keep track of everything related to your dog.
    My dog's health planner

    Keep track of vaccination records, add notes about your vet visits, track heart worm and flea/tick preventatives, grooming appointments, boarding, training classes…

    You name it and it’s inside My Dog's Health Planner. And if it’s not, send me an email and I may consider adding it just for you.

    Inside you will find these sections:

    • Who, What, Where & When
    • Vet Visits
    • Vaccine Records 
    • Rabies Certificate
    • Heartworm and Flea/Tick Preventatives
    • Medication Records  
    • Feed Me – Food Log
    • Supplements Log
    • Grooming Log
    • Boarding / Dog Sitter Info
    • Train Me
    • Notes

    The My Dog's Health Planner is only $20

    NOTE: This is a digital PDF file only. No physical product will be sent.

    I love your materials, thank you for everything you do!


    With the My Dog's Health Planner you’ll have all of your dogs records anytime or anywhere you need it.

    Never forget your dogs microchip number again or spend hours digging through piles of receipts to find his rabies certificate. 

    Don’t wait until you can’t find his vaccine history. Start organizing all that paperwork today and you will never have to dig through hundreds of email receipts again. 

    Simply download the digital file, enter your dogs information, save it to your computer, phone, or iPad. Even better, save the PDF to your iCloud, Google Drive or Dropbox account, which will sync to all of your devices at once.

    Debi McKee creator of Rescue Dogs 101 with her dogs Ginger and Bear


    Mom of 3 kids and 3 dogs, rescue dog volunteer and advocate, freelance graphic designer.

    Rescue Dogs 101 was born in 2017 as a way to combine my graphic design skills and my love of dogs.

    As a dog mom and foster home, I’ve experienced many different dog personalities, gone through several training programs with our dogs, attended training seminars and have done more than my fair share of Google searches.

    I know what it's like question whether I am doing the right thing. And wishing that I had all the answers. And just wanted the best for my family, and that includes my dogs.

    Your questions answered...

    Why do I need My Dog's Health Planner?
    Because you are a good dog parent. There will come a day when you need to know your dogs rabies tag number, need to know what medications she has taken in case of an emergency, or what vaccines he's had. As a parent, it's our responsibility to take care of our dogs health and we can't always rely on the vet's office to know everything. 

    What makes My Dog's Health Planner better than all the other digital health planners? 
    Yes, you may find other dog health planners available online, but I created the My Dog's Health Planner with the dog parent in mind. It's cute, colorful, and easy to use with navigation links everywhere, so each page is only ONE click away. There are pages for almost every scenario you may need... from vaccine's to food to supplements to grooming, boarding to training. 

    How is My Dog's Health Planner and Dog Parent's Toolbox delivered?
    Upon order completion you will be emailed a link to download both the My Dog's Health Planner and Dog Parent's Toolbox. You will receive a digital PDF you can save to your phone or computer. You will NOT receive a physical product from Rescue Dogs 101. 

    Can I print My Dog's Health Planner?
    YES! The PDF is set up so you can use it digitally or hit the print button to print as many copies as you'd like. Be creative, add pocket folders or dividers and create a beautiful binder. 

    Will My Dog's Health Planner work if I have more than one dog?
    YES! You can duplicate the file and save a copy for each dog so they have their own individual planner.

    Do I need Adobe Acrobat to use My Dog's Health Planner?
    No, but you will get the most flexibility by using the Adobe Acrobat Free PDF reader

    Is the digital PDF file accessibility-friendly?
    YES! My Dog's Health Planner was designed with all the accessibility best practices in mind. 

    What if I'm not satisfied with My Dog's Health Planner?
    Because of the nature of digital files, we do not offer refunds. If you are unsure if My Dog's Health Planner is right for you or have more questions, please feel free to email me direct at debi@rescuedogs101.com before purchasing.

    for only $20

    NOTE: This is a digital PDF file only. No physical product will be sent.