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rescue dogs 101 free resources

Free Resource Library

This library is jam-packed with resources that will save you time and even your dog's life! 

Downloadable PDFs to help you in every part of your journey of learning. From adoption questionnaire to health records.

Debi at Rescue Dogs 101 with dogs Bear and Ginger

Adoption Consulting

Dog Adoption Consulting Services - Don't let the overwhelm of adopting a rescue dog stop you from finding your pefect dog. I will hold your hand through the entire process... 

From start to finish. We will find a reputable rescue near you, go through the application process together, and search for your perfect dog.

Rescue Dogs Online Courses

Online Learning Courses

We should never stop learning! The more we know about ourselves and our dogs, the better quality life we will have!

Ultimate step-by-step courses covering every part of your dog journey. From adoption, bringing him home, body language and so much more!