Foster Dog Tail about Maggie

Our first foster dog of 2018 is Maggie, she’s a super sweet dog. She was first fostered last winter and adopted in December, but the adopter returned her for being too much puppy. I wasn’t sure what that really meant, as she is only a little over a year old… so yes she’s still a puppy in many ways. She reportedly likes to chew, and I did experience this behavior but was easily controlled by constantly offering chew toys and rotating them so she never got bored with them.

Foster Dog Tail about Maggie

We had Maggie for 3 weeks before she was adopted. She was a great dog all around, you can read her detailed pupdate below:

Here is my pupdate for the Fetch WI website:Foster Dog Maggie

Hi everyone, my name is Maggie. I’m looking for my forever family I promise to give lots of snuggles and kisses, follow you around everywhere you go, remind you when it’s time for a walk, then curl up on the couch to watch TV and love you forever.

I don’t mind sleeping in my crate at night, and I will be quiet until you let me out to play. I love to play with toys, other dogs, and kids. I’m pretty quiet, only bark when I want to warn you of something. And I’m learning not to jump on you when I get excited… and this thing called personal space my foster dad keeps telling me about… I just love to give hugs and kisses! I promise I’m a quick learner, so please just be patient, I’ll figure it out soon.

Long walks and plenty of exercise help keep me out of trouble, because if I get bored, I may find something to occupy my time… say a slipper or stuffed animal to chew on. I really really like to chew and tear things up, but I do my best to only chew on things you tell me that is okay. Just offer me a bone or chew toy and I will happily chew on it. My foster mom seems to have an endless rotating supply of stuff I’m allowed to chew on, so it would be nice if you have this endless supply too… maybe a trip to Mounds is in order 🙂

I also really like to play with my foster sister and brother (dogs) in the backyard, we run and wrestle until we are so tired… all I want to do is come inside and take a nap.

My foster family says I’m as sweet as can be. So what do you think, can you be my forever family? I can’t wait to meet you!

Video Tribute to Maggie

Maggie found her forever home and was adopted on February 5, 2018! She has a new beagle brother to play with and her parents just adore her.

Update from Maggie’s forever family:

“Maggie – now Rory – is adjusting very well! Her and her brother are establishing some boundaries but getting along very well. She’s doing great during the day and overnight in her kennel. The only complaint we have is that she bites at her brother’s legs, but we’re working on that. 🙂 Wondering if you could send me the original “happy endings” photo from the Fetch website. It’s a great picture and we’d love to have it printed. 
Thanks again! We love this little sweetie!!”

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