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As a volunteer for Fetch WI, I get the opportunity to offer to dog sit for foster dogs that need a place to land for a few days while their foster family is away. So when I am not able to take in a foster dog, I look for times that I can dog sit for a few days.

Martini came up on the list needing a sitter, and no one else was able to watch her. So I offered, against my better judgment 🙂 If you don’t know me, I vowed never to foster a puppy again after Apollo and Calypso… just too much work that I don’t have time or patience for.

But I thought we could handle a few days… well, it turned out Martini didn’t have a foster family lined up yet. So I couldn’t bring myself to let her be bounced from sitter to sitter, it was just too stressful for any dog.

So what started as a 3-day commitment, ended at a 3-week commitment. Martini really is a great puppy! She was 100% crate trained… I mean not a peep from her. She slept through the night and was mostly potty trained.

Here is my update for the Fetch WI Rescue website:

Foster Dog Martini under tree
Hi everyone, my name is Martini and I would love a home to call my own. I may be small at a mere 19 lbs., but I love playing with my foster families big dogs and can certainly hold my own, although I have to watch out to not get trampled on. I also have a human foster sister that I love to pieces, we play and run around the yard together, she picks me up and hugs me, doesn’t get much better than that!
My foster mom says my teeth are sharp and I’m not allowed to use my mouth to play, so I’m still trying to figure out how to do that. She says I’m super smart, so I think I will learn quickly. I already know how to sit and lay down on command, pretty cool for only a few days of training don’t you think?
I’m looking for a forever home that will love me, take me for walks, play in the yard, and curl up and watch TV before bed. Oh, and guess what! I sleep through the night in my crate without making a peep. My foster mom says that is the most awesome thing ever 🙂 In the morning we get up, go outside to potty and come in to eat breakfast, play for a while, then take a nap… ahh, the life of a puppy!

Martini found her forever home and was adopted on September 11, 2017! Yeah, I’m so happy for her and her new family.

Update from Martini’s forever family:

Martini (now Tonks) is adjusting well to her new home! She was a bit nervous when we got back last night, especially trying to pee outside in the dark in a new scary place, but she started to warm up and act herself rather quickly! She slept peacefully in her crate last night and enjoyed a walk this morning where she got to meet another dog on a walk. You did a wonderful job fostering her, she’s so good! Thanks again for everything.

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