Mocha was a total sweetheart of a dog. She came from Tennessee, like many of the other dogs we have fostered. We had Mocha for about a month. She was very timid and unsure of herself, but with the help of our resident dogs JJ and Ginger, she was slowly becoming more confident. Here is the update I wrote for the Fetch WI website:


Hi, Mocha here… it’s been a great week. I got to try out a kiddie pool last weekend. It was okay, I like to walk around in the water, take a drink, then get out, then get back in. I have to share it with my doggy foster sister and she can be a little overbearing sometimes… maybe I’d like it more if it were all mine?

My foster mom thinks I would be a good therapy dog, as I LOVE to cuddle! My favorite thing to do is rest my head on your shoulder, lap, leg, anything I can get close to. She says I need to learn about this thing called “personal space”, not sure what that is, but I guess I will figure it out 🙂

I do like to find things to chew, maybe a glove, sock or slipper 🙂 I know I shouldn’t, and when I’m told “NO” I will drop it… I just get a little bored and they seem to taste so good! I also like my chew bones and soft toys, they taste good too.

I can be a little shy around new things, but I’m gaining confidence as my foster mom and doggy sister and brother say it’s all okay. I think I’d like to have a doggy sister or brother of my own, someone I can run around and wrestle with, that would be great!

Oh, and I itch a lot, I am not sure why, but it seems to be getting a little better with the great food and coconut oil treats my foster mom is feeding me.

Before Mocha, we had taken a short break from fostering after learning our resident dog, JJ, was sick. They diagnosed him in May with a mass on his heart that was inoperable. He would have bad spells, but then would normal for weeks. So I decided to bring in Mocha so our resident dog, Ginger, would have a playmate and maybe leave JJ alone. The sad news was the day after Mocha was adopted, JJ lost his battle and passed away the next morning. I think this put Ginger in a state of depression. She didn’t know what to do with herself, she just lost two playmates within 48 hours.

Foster Dog Mocha with our resident dogs JJ and Ginger

I love getting updates from the adopters of our foster dogs. It’s a great reminder of why we foster, giving dogs a new leash on life 🙂 I can remember having to drag Mocha out from under our kitchen table on adoption day to go to her new family. She was so shy.

Adopter update – March 2017:

I know it’s been a while, but I just wanted to drop a line and let you know that Mocha is doing great– a huge lover, always sweet, and getting more confident and seeming to grow into herself (emotionally). She was a star pupil at training class, and really enjoys learning new tricks and skills. She loves snow and enjoys trips to the horse barn with me, where she’s figured out how to interact perfectly with the horses, cats, and resident dogs, as well as all the people, who all think she’s tops. She’s started playing with toys (took some time), and figured out how to play fetch not too long ago, but now is pretty sure it’s the best thing ever, especially at the park.

We are so happy to have her, and are so grateful for the time and love your family gave her. Hope you all are doing well.

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