I am in Love with our Nerf Dog Frisbee!

I am so excited to share this Frisbee with everyone. We picked this Frisbee up at Walmart one day, and never thought it would last as long as it has. All other Frisbee’s we’ve purchased have been destroyed within days, sometimes hours of playing with it.

Product review nerf flyer frisbee

It’s amazing that our dogs have chewed, twisted and chomped on this Nerf Dog Flyer and it’s still in one piece. The proof is in the picture and video:

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Quality Matters When it Comes to My Dogs Frisbee

We purchased the Nerf Flyer for our yellow lab, Bear, as he loves playing fetch. But our dog Ginger’s favorite game is “steal the Frisbee”! She will try to grab the Frisbee out of Bears mouth, pulling and tearing into the Frisbee. This picture of the yellow Frisbee below is from January, and it is now September… so 9 months of almost daily use and still in one piece.

Update: We just replaced the yellow Frisbee in the first week of October with a new orange one, after it finally tore too much to fly correctly. That makes almost 10 months of use!

Product review nerf dog flyer frisbee

The Nerf Flyer is a bit heavier than a plastic Frisbee, but it’s a compromise I’m willing to take for the quality. Bear also likes that the center is open so he can fit his mouth on the Frisbee and still see where he is going.

So now you’ve seen it with your own eyes, go out and get a Nerf Dog Flyer for your dog, it will be one of the best toy investments you make!

Nerf has several other toys including these:

nerf dog toys

I’ve only tried the Nerf Frisbee Flyer, so if you decide to purchase any other items listed above, please let me know, by commenting below, how your dogs enjoy it and if it holds up to the same quality as the flyer.

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  1. I like this product myself however they don’t last, I’m lucky to keep one for over a week. The dog doesn’t keep the you once we come inside she drops it and I rinse it. She plays with it nearly daily but once it gets a tear then it only had 2-3 more throws before it’s unusable. I’m currently looking for a product that has a chance to last longer

    1. Wow, I’m surprised. Our frisbee has lasted for months, and we have a big yellow lab that is a heavy chewer and use it daily. We never allow him to keep it and chew it. But when both of our dogs are playing they are literally tearing and twisting it and it has hold up wonderfully.

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