The Rescue Dog Adoption Packet

Rescue Dogs 101 wants to help you set up your adopters and dogs for success!  

Running a shelter or rescue is not easy. Making sure all the dogs are healthy and go to great homes is no small undertaking. Then you have to worry about the tedious stuff like all the paperwork, contracts, and more. 

That’s why I created the Rescue Adoption Packet!

Let Rescue Dogs 101 take one thing off your plate and make your adoption success rate even better. 

What you get inside the Rescue Dog Adoption Packet:

28-Page “Your Adoption Packet

Are you ready to make a change for the better? No one wants to see a dog be returned to the rescue. Decrease your return rate by educating your adopters in our easy to read adoption booklet. 

Here is the full table of contents:

  • Front cover (customizable with your logo)
  • So, you want to adopt?
  • Defining your perfect dog
  • Getting ready…the supply list
  • Puppy/dog proofing your home
  • Bringing home your new dog
  • The 3 days, 3 weeks, 3 month rule
  • Dogs body language review and Quick cheat sheet
  • Adopting a rescue dog when you have kids
  • Bringing home a new dog to your current dog
  • Bringing home a new dog to current cat
  • Simple dog training tips
  • Transitioning your dog onto new food
  • Local resources (customizable)


3-3-3-rule 24x36 Poster

3-3-3 Rule Poster Size

Large 24×36 Printable at high-res you can upload to print sites such as VistaPrint or send it to your local printer. 

Adoption packet dog body language ebook and flashcards

Body Language E-book AND Flashcards

Downloadable and printable PDF you can share with your adopters. I don’t have to tell you how important it is to listen to our dogs’ bodies. 

rescue dog adoption certificate

Doggy Adoption Certificate

Share this fun certificate with adopters. Just download the PDF, fill in the dog and adopters information and print or share!

As a founding patron, you will get ALL this for only $22 with lifetime access to all updates and additions!

I will be continuing to add to this Rescue Dog Adoption Packet as I get feedback from you. Which means you are getting the best price that will ever be offered… ever!

Don’t pass up this opportunity! Click the buy now button above and download your Rescue Dog Adoption Packet right away.

P.S. Have a suggestion? Just email me and I will consider adding any resource that could benefit all shelters and rescues.