It always peaks my interest on how shelters and rescues come up with the breed of a dog! Suzie was labeled a Golden Retriever and German Shepherd Mix… but she was small at only 30 lbs when we picked her up in December. So she must have another breed that is small in her mix. Not sure it ever truly matters on the breed mix, but it sure makes me curious 🙂 I suppose that’s why Doggy DNA tests are now so popular!

We picked up Suzie on December 11th. She was rescued in Tennessee from a shelter that nursed her back to health after being diagnosed with Parvo. She came to us still very underweight, but otherwise a very happy and healthy 10-month-old puppy!

We had done slow introductions to our resident dogs, Ginger and Bear, to make sure they would all get along. Fetch recommends a full 24 hours before the dogs are allowed to actually meet. I will say, that is usually the longest 24 hours! We have an open concept house which makes separation very difficult. We block our kitchen off to the foster dog can hang in their while our resident dogs have the remainder of their house. All dogs did great, and once we let them meet in the backyard to play, they ran around like crazies having fun! It’s always a relief knowing they all can be together.

With that said, we are always extra cautious with Ginger. If you read any of my blog posts, you know our Ginger has resource guarding issues and it usually gets worse when a new dog enters the scene. We had several moments I questioned what the heck I was thinking, bringing in a new foster! But we persevered through it, had to reinforce her PLACE command and remember to be strong pack leaders.

Foster Dog Suzie standing in snow on deck

Here is the update I wrote for the Fetch WI website:

Hi, my name is Suzie and I’m looking for a forever family to snuggle up with. I love playing in the snow, I’m just not so crazy about these freezing cold temperatures! One of my favorite things to do is run around and wrestle with my foster doggy brother and sister. When I’m done playing I like to curl up in a warm blanket next to my foster mom while she’s working, or chewing on a nylabone. We’ve only gone on a few short walks since it’s been so cold, so I’m still learning not to pull on the leash, but I’ll figure it out soon. I also love snuggling up with my human sister, she’s 9 and likes to give me kisses, and that’s okay with me!

Suzie was adopted in a super quick 3 weeks to a great family with two kids.

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