The Rescue Dogs 101 Dog Parents Toolbox

Dog Parent's Toolbox

Discover our digital library of helpful tools and resources for keeping your dog happy and healthy. 

My dog's health planner

My Dog's Health Planner

A 34-page digital dog health record book with fillable form fields to make it easier than ever to keep track of everything related to your dog.

Canine body language learning bundle

Dog Body Language Learning Set

Learn canine body language with our complete photographic guides. 

Adopting Your Perfect Dog 101 Roadmap

Adopting Your Perfect Dog 101 Online Course

The roadmap to adopting your perfect rescue dog... Go from unsure to confident! 

rescue dog adoption booklet packet


Running a shelter or rescue is not easy. Making sure all the dogs are healthy and go to great homes is no small undertaking. Then you have to worry about the tedious stuff like all the paperwork, contracts, and more. 

That’s why I created the Rescue Dog Adoption Packet!

Let Rescue Dogs 101 take one thing off your plate and make your adoption success rate even better. 

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The creative side of Rescue Dogs 101... fun and unique printables.  

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Rescue Dogs 101 Gift Guides

As a dog lover, and a parent of a dog loving daughter, I am constantly looking for ideas for gifts. I have put together several gift guide lists to help you in your shopping experience, saving you the time of searching for hours online or driving from store to store.