What is the best food for your dog? Is it raw, freeze-dried, kibble, or cooking for your dog? For my family, it’s the best kibble I can afford along with a lot of added fresh foods.

Feeding your dog a raw diet can be overwhelming, not to mention expensive.

Freeze-dried is easier but still more expensive than kibble.

And kibble… well there are good dry dog food and really bad dry dog foods.

And if you want to cook fresh foods for your dog, then you still need to learn how to cook a balanced meal for him. Boiling some chicken and rice is not enough.

Finding the perfect balance of nutrition and the cost of dog food is head spinning.

border collie dog laying next to Boost Me Protein 5 Pack from TruDog

What is TruDog BOOST ME?

BOOST ME by TruDog helps improve the nutritional value of your current dry food by supplementing it with simple ingredients, packed with powerful nutrition without the cost of going 100% raw! 

It is a freeze-dried raw booster with single protein options to choose from. It is all natural and made in the United States.

BOOST ME can be used to transition to a raw diet or simply to help your picky eater get excited about eating is meal.

TruDog has an entire line of natural products including, freeze-dried foods, treats and bones, supplements, dental spray and more. We have only tried the Boost Me line and the Treat Me Freeze-Dried Mussels. Learn more on the TruDog website.

Boost Me Protein 5 Pack

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My TruDog review 

I recently found TruDog BOOST ME, a freeze-dried raw booster that gets sprinkled over our dogs’ kibble.

BOOST ME is a topper, not a complete meal. So I will continue to feed our dogs their kibble, but add the BOOST to their meals every day to see how they do.

If I see a positive change in their coats, stools, and overall health, I will consider switching one dog at a time to the TruDog Feed Me freeze-dried dog food.

Freeze-dried dog food is a great option for people like me who want to feed a raw diet but are overwhelmed by the thought of feeding raw. 

This review of TruDog is my honest opinion. The company did send me a bag of BoostMe for free to try, but I never received it. So I chose to purchase the Boost Me Protein 5 Pack from the TruDog website, which includes:

  1. Boost Me Beef
  2. Boost Me Turkey
  3. Boost Me Rabbit
  4. Boost Me Duck
  5. Boost Me Whitefish

The instructions tell you to sprinkle 2 tablespoons of Boost Me over every cup of your dog food. So one bag should last a couple of weeks for Bear at 80 lbs. And Ginger (50 lbs) and Thunder (30 lbs) should go through about a bag a month.

TruDog BOOST ME benefits:

  • Biologically appropriate for dogs of all ages and breeds
  • Helps maintain healthy digestion and weight
  • Supports a strong immune system
  • Supports healthy teeth and guns
  • Supports overall health

I chose the Protien 5-pack so we can test out to see which one the dogs like the best. Plus, it’s a good idea to rotate the protein in your dog’s diet. Unless of course, your dog has allergies, like our dog Ginger, who has severe allergies and can only eat the rabbit and whitefish.

All three of my dogs LOVE the BOOST ME so much they licked their bowls clean. I’m guessing your dog will love it too! And if not, TruDog offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. So you have nothing to loose.

Made in the U.S.A.

I can’t express enough how comforting it is that our dog’s food is sourced and manufactured right here in the United States.

According to the TruDog website: “TruDog is exclusively sourced and packaged in the USA. Our cattle are free-ranging, Wisconsin grass-fed 100% USDA certified Beef. Our Turkey is cage-free, USA born, raised, and harvested. We only use USA sourced and harvested Bison Liver and only 100% Wild Alaskan Salmon.”

Do dogs like TruDog BOOST ME?

All three of my dogs love Boost Me. We’ve tried all 5 proteins and each time they have licked their bowl clean.

If you have a finicky eater, I suggest mixing in a little water or bone broth. The moisture heightens the smell and will entice your dog’s sense of smell.

Boost Me is a great way to get your new rescue dog to excited to eat. It’s very common for dogs to be stressed when moving to a new home, and when they are stressed they don’t want to eat. So why not start give them a little boost (pun intended) and add Boost Me to their food with a little bone both or water.

Read: My dog eats once every 2 or 3 days.

TruDog - Freeze Dried Raw Superfood - 975x250

TruDog BOOST ME all wrapped up

It’s important to me that we feed our dogs the very best we can afford. Boost Me Freeze-dried topper is the best of both worlds… full of raw nutrition, well-balanced, and just as convenient as a bag of dry dog food and cheaper than feeding only freeze-dried dog food.

TruDog is local and created by a dog mom just like you and me. I like to know I am supporting a local and woman-owned company that cares about dogs just as much as I do. 

If you want to give TruDog a try, I suggest buying it directly from the TruDog website since they have the largest selection of all their products. But if you prefer you can also find TruDog on Chewy and Amazon

Please leave a comment below and let me know if you have tried TruDog and if your dog loves it as much as ours do.

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