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The Volhard’s Puppy Aptitude Test®

Temperament Testing a Puppy and Dog Personality Characteristics

All puppies are cute, but how do you know what they’re personality will be like when they grow up to be an adult dog? Knowing what to look for in a dog’s personality is an important part of adopting or buying a puppy from a breeder.

Make sure to read How to Choose and Adopt the Perfect Dog for You. A dog temperament test can help you do that, it’s kinda like a puppy personality quiz.

Jack and Wendy Volhard are internationally recognized for their contributions to dog training, health, and nutrition. You can read more about them on their website. Wendy developed a widely used method for evaluating puppies, the Puppy Aptitude Test (PAT). With their permission, I have created a downloadable PDF for you to use when searching for your perfect puppy. While this test is geared mostly toward puppies, it still has a great value for older dogs.

Download Puppy Aptitude Test

Although most shelters will perform their own Temperament Testing before putting the dog up for adoption, it’s always best to advocate for yourself. Many shelters and rescues have volunteers that want to help and really love dogs but don’t have the experience to perform a temperament test.

If you are adopting a dog that is in a foster home, you can get a better assessment from the foster. Make sure you ask a lot of questions so the foster doesn’t accidentally leave something important out.

A responsible breeder will most likely perform their own testing and can help match the right dog for you. Choosing a puppy at 4 weeks old is difficult without knowing their true personality. That’s where this test will be so beneficial.

Download Puppy Aptitude Test

What is Your Dog's Personality?

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Puppy Aptitude Test Now...


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Once you downloaded the test, make sure to head over to our dog adoption page for all the information you need for adopting your new puppy!