You gave your rescue dog the gift of life, now help them thrive!

Unlock the secrets to a confident, happy dog

Ditch the overwhelm, the stress, and anxiety, and start enjoying life to the fullest with your dog. 

A happy and smiling dog.

We help you and your rescue dog live the best life

through love, healthy choices, and mindful training.

Living with a fearful dog can be challenging for the whole family!


Are basic activities like going outside for a walk stressing YOU out because your dog is so scared?


Do you find yourself constantly worrying that you aren’t giving them the best life possible?


Are family arguments becoming more frequent over how to manage your dog's anxious behavior?

Unlock the Path to a Confident, Happy Dog

Make Training Fun

Help your dog overcome anxiety and fear while having fun together.

Build Confidence

Build lasting confidence in your dog, making daily life more enjoyable for everyone.

Peace of Mind

Watch your dog's happiness improve after every 5-minute training session. 

Expert Guidance for a Stress-Free Life with Your Dog

We understand how challenging it is to live with an anxious dog. The constant worry, the stress of unpredictable behavior, and the heartache of feeling like you can't help them. We're here to support you every step of the way, turning your challenges into a stronger, more joyful bond with your dog.

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"After adopting a rescue dog with a troubled past, I felt overwhelmed and out of my depth. Your class was a game-changer for us. The practical advice and approach have made a world of difference. Thank you for giving us the tools to build this precious bond." – SARAH

I'm Here to Help


Welcoming a rescue dog into your home is a rewarding experience, but when they struggle with anxiety and fears it can feel overwhelming. Many rescue dogs need specific training methods and a bit of extra patience... 

Helping your dog overcome their challenges requires the right approach at the right moments. Going it alone and hoping for the best can lead to frustration and setbacks.

But following the lead of someone who has already done it and can show you the way makes a huge difference. I've been there with my own dogs and foster dogs... and I'd love to show you the way. I’m here to guide you every step of the way. 


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4 Simple Steps to Transform Your Dog's Life and Yours

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Help Your Rescue Dog Thrive

Start by downloading our FREE Rescue to Home, Your Survival Kit to get tips and resources to ensure you are on the right track.

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Get the Super Dog Confidence Toolkit

Get our comprehensive toolkit filled with proven strategies and practical tools to build your dog’s confidence.

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Take Your Training to the Next Level

Boost your dog's confidence through play therapy inside our Canine Confidence Play Therapy Program.

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Enjoy Your Happily Ever After Story 

Implement the training techniques and watch your dog transform into a confident, happy companion.

At Rescue Dogs 101, we know that you want to be a confident and successful dog owner. In order to do that, you need to help your rescue dog overcome their anxiety and fears.

The problem is that your dog’s anxiety leads to unpredictable behavior and stress, which makes you feel overwhelmed and unsure about how to best support your dog. We believe that every rescue dog deserves a chance to live a confident, happy life.

We understand the challenges of living with an anxious, fearful dog—the constant worry, the stress of unpredictable behavior, and the heartache of seeing your dog struggle. That's why we have dedicated our lives to helping rescue dogs through our proven training methods.

Here’s how we do it:

  • Understand your dog's anxiety and take the first steps to help them.
  • Implement proven strategies and practical tools to build your dog’s confidence.
  • Boost your dog's confidence through play therapy, purposeful touch, and basic training skills.

Download our free guide and get started on your journey to a happier, more confident dog. And in the meantime, explore our blog for additional tips and resources.

So you can stop feeling overwhelmed and unsure, and enjoy a confident, happy life with your dog.

Help Your Rescue Dog Adjust Quickly and Easily!

Dog Rescue to Home Survival Kit Pages

Rescuing a dog is rewarding but challenging. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, our survival kit is here to help.

What’s Inside:

  • Adjusting to a New Home: What to Expect
  • 3-3-3 Rule Explained
  • 3-3-3 Guideline of Adopting a Rescue Dog
  • New Dog Shopping Checklist
  • Dog Proofing Your Home Checklist
  • Bringing Your Adopted Dog Home Checklist
  • Dog Training Tips
  • Dog Body Language Cheat Sheet

Get the support you need and start your journey to a happier, more confident dog!

Just Adopted a Dog?

The Guide to Your Dog's First 3 Months

If you recently adopted your dog it's crucial to understand the 3-3-3 rule of adopting a dog. This guideline helps you know what to expect and navigate the different stages of your dog's adjustment period (sometimes referred to as the honeymoon phase).