Guiding you in your journey of adopting and raising a rescue dog every step of the way.

Is it possible to adopt the perfect dog?

A dog that’s awesome with your kids?

A dog that’s happy and healthy?

Nobody wants to adopt a dog with aggression or behavior issues. Or a dog that is unknowingly sick. This could cost you thousands of dollars in vet care or dog behavior training.

I’ve seen it happen way too many times… a family brings home a dog only to find out a few days later the dog has Lymes disease, hip dysplasia or resource guarding issues. 

You and your family deserve better.

You Brought Your Rescue Dog Home... Now What?

Is your new rescue dog struggling to adjust to his new home?

You thought he was potty trained, but when you brought him home, he's peeing all over the house?

I want to help you in your entire dog journey because I care deeply about you and your dog! 

As a mom of three kids, two dogs, and a volunteer foster dog mom, I’ve been there. With each dog we’ve adopted and fostered we learn something new. [Read More About Rescue Dogs 101]

It’s important to know there are no perfect dogs, just like there are no perfect humans. 

Adopt. Love. Train.

No Matter Where You Are On Your Dog Journey

You Belong Here.

Keeping your dog healthy will help ensure he stays with you as long as possible. These are the most common problems we see with our rescue dogs, but of course we have a full library of healthy tips for you to browse.

Training your rescue dog doesn't start and end with a 6-week dog training class, it starts from the first day at home and continues until the day your dog passes away. Rescue Dogs 101 has many rescue dog training resources for your entire journey together.

The Rescue Dogs 101 Dog Parents Toolbox

Be Your Dogs SuperHero... 

The Rescue Dogs 101 Dog Parent’s Toolbox offers an entire library of resources for you to live the best life possible together with your fur baby!

Your dogs life depends on you! Let us help you become the best dog mom or dad ever.

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