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Hi, my name is Debi, I am a dog mom, volunteer foster home, and a huge rescue dog lover. 

I love helping people on their dog journey. I have found that people fall into several different situations or challenges that they struggle with. 

If you take a moment to tell me where you are on your dog journey, and what is important to you, I will be able to customize where you should start, based on your unique situation.

Simply click on the ​circle below that best describes you and your dog journey.

Why Rescue Dogs 101?

I have adopted many dogs through my adult life and gone through several dog training courses. And as a foster home for rescue dogs, I have experienced many different dog personalities, training and behavior issues.

​I wanted to create a space all dog people could find the resources they need throughout their entire dog journey. I would love for you to take some time on Rescue Dogs 101 and learn how to become the best dog owner you can be, so your dog can live a happy long life with his new pack – his forever family.

Adopt your Dog.​ Love Your Dog.​ Train Your Dog.

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