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Finding and adopting your dog can be exciting. But there is so much more to consider than searching PetFinder for the cutest puppy face available.

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Loving your dog is easy! Those cute puppy eyes will melt your heart. But taking care of his health is also very important so you can love your dog for many years to come.

Click here to read about keeping your puppy or dog healthy.


It's much easier to love your dog when he is well behaved. He needs to understand what is expected of him, and the best way to achieve this is to train your dog.

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Why Rescue Dogs 101?

I have adopted many dogs through my adult life and gone through several dog training courses. And as a foster home for rescue dogs, I have experienced many different dog personalities, training and behavior issues.

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I wanted to create a space all dog people could find the resources they need throughout their entire dog journey. I would love for you to take some time on Rescue Dogs 101 and learn how to become the best dog owner you can be, so your dog can live a happy long life with his new pack – his forever family.

Adopt your Dog.    Love Your Dog.    Train Your Dog.

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