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Info about adopting a dog

Your reactive dog (socialize, training, chart)
First, it’s important to understand that a reactive dog is NOT an aggressive dog. Most reactive dog cases are because[...]
Dog Microchips: Everything you need to know  
Let’s start with the basics, what is a dog microchip? A microchip is a tiny capsule made of bioglass with an[...]
How to stop dog urine from killing grass naturally
Is dog pee killing your grass? Is your once lush, green backyard spotted with yellow or brown burn spots?  Is it[...]
First 9 things to train your puppy to raise the perfect dog
You brought home this adorable little fluff ball and wondering what is the first thing you should train your puppy? The first[...]
Regrets… Adopted a dog and having second thoughts
Adopting a dog is supposed to be a magical experience. Puppy kisses and cuddles. Long walks and playtime together… right?[...]
Dog rolled in poop [how to clean and get rid of smell]
It started with a drop and roll and before I knew it, I had a stinky puppy. I didn’t realize[...]
Natural remedies for dogs with bad breath
Doggy breath. There’s nothing worse than getting a big sloppy kiss for your adorable dog and smelling like something died[...]
Why does my dog eat poop (& how to stop it)
Our border collie puppy was a poop eater. I think he thought it was a game, he’d watch one of[...]
SpiritDog Training Review (Read before signing up – Is it worth it?)
SpiritDog Training Courses, is it worth it? Will an online dog training classwork for your dog? Finding a good dog trainer isn’t[...]
Are probiotics good for dogs?
You may have heard of the benefits of people taking a probiotic, but are probiotics good for dogs too? I’m laughing right[...]
Potty training a rescue dog
Adopting a rescue dog is full of rewarding moments. When you found each other, you had dreams of living a[...]
Dogs Only: Cyber Monday
Being such a huge part of the dog community means I get to see all the best deals and share them with you![...]
Dog advent calendar 2021
Have some fun and plan the next 25 days of Christmas activities with your dog. The holiday season and winter[...]
Dunbar Dog Training Academy Review
Online dog training has exploded in recent years. Finding the right program for you and your dog is essential for[...]
18 Happy Gotcha Day Dog Ideas that your dog will do zoomies for!
Are you ready to celebrate your dog’s special Gotcha day? Pamper her all day with everything she loves? Love on[...]
The best dog toothpaste [vet recommended dental care]
Little did I know when I started looking for the best dog toothpaste that it would send me on days of researching.[...]
How to help dog fireworks anxiety [+10 Tips]
The dreaded time of year is upon us. Fireworks going off all day long for what feels like an eternity.[...]
Dog won’t pee or poop in rain? (Problem Solved!)
Rain, rain, go away! Come back another day… did you ever sing that song as a kid? We have a[...]
Solve all your dog’s fears and anxiety about car rides
Road trip anyone? Let's talk dogs and cars. Why do some dogs love going for car rides, and other dogs[...]
TruDog BOOST ME – Raw food made easy?
What is the best food for your dog? Is it raw, freeze-dried, kibble, or cooking for your dog? For my[...]
How much does a dog cost per month?
Our dog's love and loyalty are priceless… I mean you just can’t buy the unconditional love your dog gives you.[...]
9 ways to stop your dogs nail bleeding (FAST)
You just cut your dog’s nail too short, it started bleeding, now what? Can I tell you a secret? I hate[...]
How to stop your dog marking in the house
Our dog, Thunder, is driving me crazy with his marking inside the house. As soon as he hit 6 months[...]
The best dog ramp
A dog ramp is a great way to keep your dog from getting injured jumping in and out of your[...]
Dog first aid and how to make a dog first-aid survival kit
April is National Pet First Aid Awareness Month. Being prepared in case of an emergency will give you comfort knowing[...]
Dog adoption cost (chart)
Shelters, rescues, and humane societies need to charge adoption fees to cover their costs for caring for the dogs while[...]
How to protect dog paws in winter [7 must-know tips]
If you are asking, "how do I protect my dog's paws in the winter?", you are in the right place.[...]
Dog Thanksgiving (dinner, treats, outfits)
Thanksgiving is a time to feast and be thankful for everything we are blessed with… from family to health, to[...]
Your Ultimate Guide to Dogs and Pumpkin
If your dog is anything like ours, as soon as food drops on the floor, they come and gobble it[...]
18 Things to Know Before Adopting a Dog
Congrats! You are finally in a place that you think you are ready to adopt a dog. You found an[...]
Dog walking etiquette [5 rules you must follow]
If you ever take your dog for a walk, then learning these 5 dog walking rules are critical. We know[...]
Remember Me Thursday
What is Remember Me Thursday® and why does it matter? Remember Me Thursday aims to unite individuals and pet adoption[...]
Dog dewclaw removal – to remove or not remove?
If you adopted an older dog with dewclaws still attached should you have them removed or leave them? Find out[...]
Best dog ear cleaner (2022 Review)
Finding the best dog ear cleaner for a happy, healthy dog can feel overwhelming with all the choices. So many[...]
Best way to introduce a dog to a cat so they become best friends
For you cat people out there… adopting a dog when you have a cat in your home already can be[...]
Adopting a shelter dog does not have to be complicated
Adopting a shelter dog can be the most rewarding experience. Nothing like the love a dog that you have rescued[...]
Dog temperament testing
A temperament test evaluates a dog’s behavior in a range of situations to understand if he will be easy going,[...]
How to convince parents to get a dog
You want a dog but your parents won't let you. Puppies are adorable. Dogs are loyal and can be the[...]
What is black dog syndrome?
If you walk into a shelter or browse Petfinder looking to adopt a dog, you may notice an overwhelming amount[...]
Is it OK to get a dog from a breeder?
Predictability is the biggest reason to buy a dog from a reputable responsible breeder. Knowing what to expect from that[...]
Homemade dog shampoo
So you want to make homemade dog shampoo. Whether you just want to avoid all the chemicals found in store-bought dog[...]
How to speak to dogs
Are you curious about how to talk to your dog? Have you ever found yourself talking with your dog, telling[...]
Is coconut oil safe for dogs?
There has been some recent controversy about coconut oil and dogs. When I first researched this in 2017, my immediate[...]
How can I remove dog urine odor from carpet?
Accidents happen. The best chance you have to get dog pee smell out of carpet is to act quickly.  But don’t panic[...]
Which dog flea and tick control is the best? [chart]
With so many products on the market, it’s hard to choose which is best flea and tick prevention for dogs. Should[...]
How To Foster A Dog
I realized I wanted to start fostering dogs after adopting our dog JJ. He was our first experience with a[...]
Best Dog Crates
With so many options available for dog crates, it's hard to decide which is the best for you and your[...]
Top 10 Best Slow Feeder Dog Bowls
Both our dogs, Ginger and Bear, seam to swallow their food whole. I wonder if they even taste the food! [...]
29 Best Dog Training Books for Your Rescue Dog
Dog training goes far beyond teaching him to sit and stay. That's why I put together this list of the[...]
Fostering a dog – foster fail?
When someone asks when or how we adopted our dog, Ginger, I usually start with, “she was a foster fail”! [...]
Should I get a dog? Yes, no, maybe so? [quiz]
You were just at a friend's house that had this adorable, perfect dog and now you’re thinking… should I get a[...]
How can I stop my dog from barking?
Does your dog bark in her crate while you are at work? Do you get complaints from your apartment neighbors[...]
Adopting a fearful dog and how to help
How do I help my dog not be afraid of people, cars, loud noises... it's a question I hear every single[...]
International dog rescue adoptions — can we save them all?
No, you can't save all the dogs, but you can save one. And one dog is all you need to[...]
41 Indestructible Durable Dog Toys for Heavy, Aggressive, Destructive Chewers
If your dog tears apart every toy he can get his mouth on, you aren’t alone. It’s a struggle many[...]
Dog Adoption Stories that Will Make You Smile, Laugh and Cry!
It all started with one question in one of my weekly emails to my loyal subscribers. I was absolutely blown[...]
Easy Homemade Frozen Dog Treats for Summer
Frozen treats are a great way to keep your dog cool and hydrated during a hot summer day! My dogs[...]
11 Easy ways to get your dog to drink more water
Are you worried your dog isn't drinking enough water? If you are searching on how to get your dog to[...]
How Long Does It Take To Adopt A Dog?
How long it takes to adopt a dog is going to depend on a lot of variables. Simply put, it[...]
Our Heartbreaking, Gut Wrenching Adoption Story
My stomach was literally in knots the entire day. I’ve heard that phrase before, but never really felt it. I[...]
How to Bond with Your Dog (and Why It Matters)
It’s not unusual for a newly adopted rescue dog to be unsure and distant at first. You may be wondering[...]
21 Secrets To Keeping My House From Smelling Like Dog
Does your house smell like dog? If you walked into my home right now, you may wonder who I am[...]
My Dog Ran Away! What Should I Do?
Your dog decided to run away, and you are scared of what will happen to him. Will he find his[...]
How to Potty Train a Puppy Fast & Easy
You brought home your new puppy, took him outside to show him where to go potty and he sniffs, plays,[...]
Your Ultimate Guide to Dogs and Ticks
Warning: you may start to experience the feeling of something crawling up your leg after reading this blog post! This[...]
Beautiful Flowers and Cute Puppies… Are Plants Toxic to Dogs?
First things first, if you think your dog ingested a toxic plant, stop reading now and call your vet immediately![...]
The True Meaning of #AdoptDontShop
We’ve all heard the phrase Adopt Don’t Shop. You may have even used the hashtag, #adoptdontshop. But what’s the real[...]
Best Healthy Dog Treats for Training
I get asked all the time from our foster dog adopters, what are the best dog treats for training? I[...]
The Prong Collar, the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
I know some people cringe at the sight of a prong collar, it looks barbaric and cruel. The prong collar[...]
Is it Ever Okay to Rehome a Dog?
I want to start out by saying, I will never judge anyone for having to rehome a dog. If you[...]
How To Save Money On Dog Food and Supplies
The cost of a new puppy or adopted rescue dog adds up to a lot of money very quick. Not[...]
Chronic Ear Infections in Dogs
The struggle with your dogs chronic ear infections is real! I feel your pain, your dogs pain! There were times[...]
How To Stop a Dog From Chewing on Wood
Why do dogs chew on wood anyway? You supply them with a pile of fun shaped chew toys, why do[...]
What Should I Feed My Dog?
You are what you eat. Has your mom ever said that to you? Like… you keeping eating that, you are[...]
Types of Dog Barks
Does your dog bark at the TV, the mailman, when he’s hungry or wants to play? Have you ever noticed[...]
Puppy Shopping List For New Dog Parents
What’s more fun than shopping for new puppy supplies? Well, maybe puppy kisses! There are so many options to choose[...]
7 Important Dog Bath Tips
Baths can be a love or hate relationship for your dog. Some dogs love the water and will jump right[...]
The Secret to Getting Rid of Ear Infections in Your Dog at Home
As a dog owner and foster dog mom, I understand how frustrating it is when your dog has chronic ear[...]
Are Flexi Retractable Leashes Dangerous?
The Flexi Retractable Dog Leash: Dangerous or Convenient? You may look at the retractable leash and think, wow what a[...]
The Truth About Adopting Two Dogs at Once
Sometimes when you are ready to adopt a puppy, you are given a choice from the entire litter. And you[...]
Best Place to Buy Dog Food and Supplies Online
Which is better for dog food and supplies? You have to admit, Amazon usually wins the battle of best price[...]
Where To Adopt a Dog Near Me
Finding a local dog rescue that is reputable is the first and most important part of adopting a dog. It[...]
The Best Dog DNA Test for Your Rescue Dog
When we started to foster our dog, Ginger, we immediately knew we wanted to adopt her. But we were very[...]
Child-Friendly Dog Breeds
Good Dogs for Kids When you have kids, searching for the best family dog will be one of your top[...]
The 4 Best Adoption Websites for Dogs
This may be showing my age a bit, but when my husband and I adopted our first dog as a[...]
Finding Your Perfect Dog
What Dog Should I Get? There are so many choices, so many dogs ready to be rescued. You may have[...]
Top 20 Hypoallergenic Treats, Food, and Bones for Dogs with Allergies
As a parent of a dog with allergies, I understand the struggle of finding hypoallergenic treats and foods that my[...]
Why Treat Training Doesn’t Work
Positive reinforcement dog training is everywhere. In fact, you will have a hard time finding a dog training program that[...]
Does My Dog Have Allergies?
How Can You Tell If Your Dog Has Allergies? You may be asking yourself "Does My Dog Have Allergies?" Dogs[...]
The Ultimate Guide to Home Remedies for Dog Allergies
My Top List of Easy Home Remedies for Dog Allergies You are here because you want to know what you[...]
Why Do Family Dogs Bite Kids?
Family Dogs that Bite Kids It saddens me more than anything when I see stories on social media telling a[...]
Living with a Resource Guarding Dog
Resource Guarding or Aggression in Dogs First, let’s cover some major facts about resource guarding and food aggression. Guarding food[...]
How to Choose the Best Dog Leash
The Best Dog Leash for Walking a Pulling Dog Buying the best dog leash for walking your dog is an[...]
Easy and Natural Home Remedies for Kennel Cough
Is your dog coughing, hacking or maybe even sounds like he’s going to vomit? Has your dog been exposed to[...]
The Kennel Cough FAQ and the Truth About the Bordetella Vaccine
What is Kennel Cough? Kennel cough or infectious tracheobronchitis, is a respiratory infection caused by Bordetella bronchiseptica and canine parainfluenza virus. Kennel cough[...]
Moving with Dogs – 7 Tips & Tricks
Someone recently asked me if we were “chronic movers”. I never heard that term before, but I reluctantly answered yes.[...]
WARNING! The Hidden Dangers of Flea and Tick Medications
Flea and ticks are pests I think we all can all agree we can do without, they’re creepy, crawly and[...]
Natural Tick and Flea Prevention for Dogs
In recent years, I've been learning more and more about natural ways to keep my family and my dogs healthy.[...]
How To Adopt A Rescue Dog – Your Step-by-Step Guide
Do you want to adopt a rescue dog but worried about finding one that is the right match for your[...]
53 Questions You MUST Ask a Rescue BEFORE Adopting a Dog
Questions to Ask When Adopting a Dog It can be scary adopting a dog and not know anything about his[...]
Is Your Dog Bored with Her Toys?
Stop Buying New Dog Toys! I know, it’s so much fun walking through the pet store and picking out all[...]
New Puppy Owner Guide & Tips
First-time dog owner requires some careful planning, but it is one of the most rewarding experiences you will have in[...]
Puppy Proofing Checklist
Are you ready to bring your puppy home? Have you puppy proofed your house yet? Just like if you were[...]
My Dog Has Worms
Did you ever wonder why each year when you take your dog to the vet for her checkup, you are[...]
What You Need to Know About Lyme Disease and Your Dog
My Dog Has Lyme Disease, Now What? I am saddened to announce our foster dog, Taylor was recently diagnosed with[...]
What’s the Difference Between Spayed and Neutered?
The Difference in a Spay and Neuter is spay refers to a female dog being fixed and neuter is referring[...]
3 Big Clues to How Old is My Dog?
How Can I Tell the Age of My Adopted Dog? The first question most people ask about your dog is[...]
My Dog Ate Chocolate Will He Die?
My dog ate chocolate, what should I do? We all know chocolate can be toxic to dogs. But the question[...]
Top 17 Reasons You Should Adopt a Dog
If you are looking for a reason why you should adopt a dog, I have 17 of them listed here.[...]
The Best Way to Introduce a Second Dog Into Your Pack
So you’re thinking about adopting a second dog? Do you have a vision that both dogs will be best friends,[...]
5 Quick Ways to Train Your Dog in 3 Minutes a Day
Are you wondering how you can train your dog when you have don't have the time? There are many dog[...]
11 Fun Enrichment Games to Play with Your Dog Inside
With the short days of winter and rainy spring, you and your dog can quickly get cabin fever! Here in[...]
The Whirlpool of Grief – Stages of Grief After Losing a Pet
Grieving the loss of your dog is never easy. Unfortunately, I have lost 5 dogs in my lifetime. I can[...]
What’s the Difference Between a Dog Rescue and Humane Society or Shelter
Rescue Adoption vs. Humane Society vs. Shelter If you’re ready to adopt a dog, you may be searching on an[...]
Avoid These 13 Scary Winter Dangers for Your Dog
Winter can be amazing... snowmen, sledding, hot cocoa... and playing in the snow with your dog! But there are scary[...]
9 Reasons to Adopt a Mutt vs. a Pure Breed Dog
If you need a reason to Adopt a Mutt, here are 9 of them: When you adopt a mutt, you[...]
The Best Way to Surprise Someone with a Puppy for Christmas
Are you thinking of surprising someone close to you with a puppy for Christmas? We’ve all seen the videos or[...]
5 Proven Home Remedies for Your Dog with Diarrhea
Diarrhea for Dog Home Remedies No one likes diarrhea, people and dogs alike. Diarrhea is a sign that something isn’t[...]
Top 11 Reasons Why Adopting a Senior Dog is the Perfect Choice
Did you know, November Is National Adopt-A-Senior-Pet Month? Senior dogs are often overlooked at the shelter and rescues, well, simply[...]
Bringing Your Adopted Dog Home – The Critical First 7 Days
Bringing home your newly adopted rescue dog is super exciting. You are starting a new life journey with your dog,[...]
10 Tips & Tools for Walking at Night with Your Dog
Before you head out the door to take your dog for a walk, read what you should be doing to[...]
360+ Best Dog Name Ideas for Your Rescue Dog
Teaching a dog his name is the same as teaching him a new command. In fact, calling his name should[...]
How to choose a good dog trainer
You just adopted a puppy or dog and everything was going great until... you realized the dog has no manners,[...]
Product Review: Seek-A-Treat Shuffle Bone Dog IQ Puzzle
Interactive Dog Puzzle If you’re looking for ways to play and interact with your dog, you may have seen these[...]
How and Why Crate Train Your Dog in 3 Easy Steps
Why Should I Crate Train My Dog or Puppy? When bringing home a new dog, whether it is a puppy[...]
The BEST Frisbee My Dog Has Ever Owned!
I am in Love with our Nerf Dog Frisbee! I am so excited to share this Frisbee with everyone. We[...]
How to stop dog jumping on people
Does this sound familiar? The doorbell rings, your dog barks, you open the door to let your friend inside and[...]
Product Review: The Pet Convincer II
If you have a stubborn dog that refuses to listen when you try to correct a bad behavior, then you[...]
Will my dog be OK when I go on vacation?
Wondering what to do with your dog while on vacation? As much as I like to take our dogs with[...]
Why You Should Adopt a Dog from a Foster-Based Rescue
Until becoming involved in fostering dogs, I really didn't consider the difference between adopting a dog from a humane society[...]
Why is My Dog Aggressive with Food – Resource Guarding?
Dogs that are aggressive when it comes to their food, is also called Resource Guarding. Resource guarding in dogs is[...]
Traveling with dogs (6 tips that will make your trip stress-free)
We love taking our dogs with us everywhere we go. They are part of our family. We take the dogs[...]
How Do I Get My Puppy to Stop Nipping or Biting Me?
Every person that adopts a puppy will ask this question… how do I get my puppy to stop biting me?[...]
5 Reasons Why Your Dog is Digging and How to Stop It
How to Stop My Dog from Digging Wondering how to stop your dog from digging up your yard? Have you[...]
Can my dog eat that?
Most of us are guilty of giving our dogs a taste of our dinner or sneaking them a little side[...]
How Often Should I Walk My Dog and Why?
Facts About Walking Your Dog Daily walks with your dog will not only strengthen your bond together but also gives[...]
The 3-3-3 Rule and bringing home a rescue dog
Adopting a rescue dog brings excitement, stress, and worry all at the same time. You may be wondering what the[...]
Rescue Dog Separation Anxiety Solutions
You come home to find that your dog has escaped his crate and destroyed the couch. Or pacing and drooling[...]
Life-Changing Dog Training – The Place Command
My dogs go crazy when the doorbell rings, whether it be one of my kid's friends or the UPS man.[...]
Pack leader dog training
There are so many misconceptions around the phrase "pack leader". Being your dog's pack leader is NOT about dominating, alpha[...]