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Info about adopting a dog

25 Unique Gifts Under $25 for Dog Lovers
SaveSave ​If you have a dog loving human on your Christmas list, then you are in the right place... or[...]
Top 11 Reasons Why Adopting a Senior Dog is the Perfect Choice
Did you know, November Is National Adopt-A-Senior-Pet Month? Senior dogs are often overlooked at the shelter and rescues, well, simply[...]
The Ultimate Gift Guide for Cooks that Love Dogs
​I love to cook for my family, especially when my ​college-aged boys are home! I didn't grow up ​loving to[...]
The First 7 Days – Bringing Your Adopted Dog Home
Congratulations on adopting your new dog! Bringing your adopted dog home is so exciting. You are ready to take him[...]
Top 5 Tools You Must Have to Stay Safe When Walking Your Dog at Night
Don't take your dog for a walk tonight without reading what you need to stay safe when walking your dog[...]
25 Awesome Gifts for Dog-Loving Kids
This post contains affiliate links for your convenience (which means if you make a purchase after clicking a link I[...]
5 Rules of Walking your Dog Etiquette
Walking your dog every day is such an important part of being a good dog owner. It not only gives[...]
Top 250+ Best Dog Names for Your Dog
Good Dog Names for Your Dog One of the questions I get asked with every foster dog that is adopted[...]
How to Find the Perfect Dog Trainer
How to Find the Perfect Dog Trainer that is Right for You and Your Dog If you just adopted a[...]
Product Review: Seek-A-Treat Shuffle Bone Dog IQ Puzzle
Interactive Dog Puzzle If you’re looking for ways to play and interact with your dog, you may have seen these[...]
Martini – Aussie/Doxen Mix
Foster Dog Tail about Martini As a volunteer for Fetch WI, I get the opportunity to offer to dog sit[...]
How to Crate Train Your Dog or Puppy in 3 Easy Steps
Learn the 3 Easy Steps to Crate Train Your Puppy or Adult Dog Learning how to crate train your new[...]
The BEST Frisbee My Dog Has Ever Owned!
I am in Love with our Nerf Dog Frisbee! I am so excited to share this Frisbee with everyone. We[...]
Why Should I Crate Train My Dog?
When bringing home a new dog, whether it is a puppy or an adult dog, the crate can create a[...]
How Can I Stop My Dog From Barking All of the Time?
Does your dog bark in her crate while you are at work? Do you get complaints from your apartment neighbors[...]
How Do I Get My Dog to Stop Jumping
Does this sound familiar? The doorbell rings, your dog barks, you open the door to let your friend inside and[...]
Product Review: The Pet Convincer II
Why use the Pet Convincer If you have a stubborn dog that refuses to listen when you try to correct[...]
Woof Washer 360 – Product Review
Bath Time with the Woof Washer 360 This is our first summer with Bear and he is definitely a water[...]
Why You Should Adopt a Dog from a Foster-Based Rescue
Until becoming involved in fostering dogs, I really didn't consider the difference between adopting a dog from a humane society[...]
How to Become a Foster Home for Dogs
I realized I wanted to be a foster family for dogs after adopting our dog JJ. He was listed for[...]
Why is My Dog Aggressive with Food – Resource Guarding?
Dogs and Resource Guarding Dogs that are aggressive when it comes to their food, is also called Resource Guarding. Resource[...]
6 Essential Tips when Traveling with Your Dog
How to Travel Stress-Free with Your Dog I don’t know about you, but I love taking our dogs with us[...]
How Do I Get My Puppy to Stop Nipping or Biting Me?
Every person that adopts a puppy will ask this question… how do I get my puppy to stop biting me?[...]
Leatherberg Leather Dog Leash Review
Why the Leather Leash is My Favorite Dog Leash Leather leashes have always been my favorite type of leash when[...]
How to Stop My Dog from Digging
Wondering how to stop your dog from digging? Have you ever let your dog outside to go potty and get[...]
How to Choose and Adopt the Perfect Dog for You
Choosing the Right Dog for You and Your Family So you’ve decided you’re ready to adopt a new puppy or[...]
The Prong Collar, the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
I know some people cringe at the sight of a prong collar, it looks barbaric and cruel. But the fact[...]
How to Potty Train a Puppy Fast & Easy
You brought home your new puppy, took him outside to show him where to go potty and he sniffs, plays,[...]
Top 5 Reasons to Take Your Dog for a Walk
Playing in your back yard with your dog is great exercise, but that doesn’t give him the mental workout to[...]
Bringing Your New Dog Home and the 3-3-3 Rule
Congratulations, you finally found the puppy or dog you want to adopt! I am sure you are super excited and[...]
Solutions for Dog Separation Anxiety
Does Your Dog Get Stressed Out When You Leave Him Home Alone? Many first time dog owners never heard of[...]
Prada – the Hound Mix
Foster Dog Tail about Prada We picked Prada up on February 12, 2017. She made the road trip all the[...]
Why NOT to use a Flexi-Leash or Retractable Leash
You are ready to bring home your rescue dog and you go shopping to pick out all the supplies you[...]
Should I Train My Dog With Treats
The Story of the Squirrel VS. Treat – and The Winner Is…. Imagine you and your dog, Spot, walking through[...]
Why You Need to Teach the PLACE Command to Your Dog
I don't know about you, but my dogs go crazy when the door bell rings, whether it be one of[...]
How to Be a Pack Leader for Your Dog
Your pack is your family and you must be the pack leader. You don't need 10 dogs to have a[...]
Suzie – the Golden, Shepherd Mix
Our Foster Dog Tail about Suzie, a Golden/Shepherd Mix It always peaks my interest on how shelters and rescues come[...]
7 Important Questions to Ask Before Adopting a Dog
So you have decided you want to adopt a puppy or dog. Now what? Adopting and owning a dog can[...]
Bear – the Yellow Lab
Our Adoption Tail about Bear the Yellow Lab Okay, so Bear is not a foster tail, but an adoption story[...]
Mocha – the Chocolate Lab
Foster Dog Tail about Mocha, the Chocolate Lab Mocha was a total sweetheart of a dog. She came from Tennessee,[...]
Ginger – the German Shepherd Mutt
Foster Dog Tail that Turned Into an Adoption Tail Ever since my daughter was 2 or 3 years old she[...]
Georgia – the Mutt
Foster Dog Tail about Georgia Georgia was our foster dog for a short 2-3 weeks before getting adopted. She was[...]
Apollo and Calypso – Lab Mix Puppies
Our Foster Dog Tail about Lab Mix Puppies, Apollo and Calypso As foster home for a local rescue, we see[...]
Silla – the Black Lab
Silla was our first foster dog. She was 10 years old when her owner decided to surrender her to Fetch.[...]