A new dog owner will appreciate practical and essential gifts for their new puppy or dog. When you’ve never had a dog before, you don’t realize how much “stuff” you need for them.

When adopting a puppy or dog for the first time, all that stuff can get expensive very fast. From a leash and collar to crates and beds, a new dog needs a lot of necessities right away. And once you get to know the dog, those fun and unique gifts start to make sense.

If you have a friend or family member that is a new dog owner, we have the list for you! Some gifts are just the basics, others unique and a little extravagant, but will be much appreciated.

young woman sitting and holding a new puppy with gift icons in background

Practical gifts for new dog owners


Every dog needs at least one Kong, it’s great for times when the dog needs to be left alone. There are options for puppies and heavy chewers. Plus, you can find many filler recipes and make a little booklet of ideas to make this gift even more special. A new dog owner can never have enough Kongs!

Leather leash

A leather leash will last a lifetime; we love our leather leashes. Hands down the best investment we’ve made when it comes to dog supplies. They are comfortable and so much better than the cheap nylon leashes.

Luxury dog bed

Skip the cheap dog beds. A good quality dog bed goes a long way and will support the dogs’ joints for a long, happy and healthy lifestyle.You’ll never need another dog bed after the Big Barker Dog Bed.

Pooper scooper

The stinky part of being a new dog owner…. Picking up poop is part of your life now. Get a good pooper scooper that will last. I like this style over the claw style, it’s easier to use.

Poop bags

Every single new dog owner needs poop bags. We keep a stash in our car, and my coat pocket and attached to the dog leash. Don’t ever get caught without a poop bag, and make sure they are eco-friendly.

Toy bin

Most new dog owners will start to collect dog toys pretty fast. It’s hard to resist all those adorable dog toys, so a sturdy dog toy bin would be a nice gift. You can also use it as the gift bag, just fill it up with new toys and other gifts and put a bow on it.

Fancy treat pouch

Treat pouches make it easy to train anytime. This one even has a poop bag dispenser… what a great gift idea!

SpiritDog Master Class

Online dog training class

Make it easy for the new dog owner to train their dog, online dog classes have made a huge splash since the pandemic.

Walking/running pouch

Because walking a new dog is very important in bonding with a new dog, having this walking pouch will make it easier and safer to carry your phone, treats, poop bags and other essentials.

Dog Body Language Bundle

Our very own dog body language bundle helps any new dog owner create a strong bond with their dog better and quicker with our fun flash cards and coloring books.

The Forever Dog

This new book sold out in less than 24 hours of hitting Amazon! A great way for any new dog owner to get started on the right track. I can’t think of a better gift than a Forever Dog.

Dog first aid kit

We never think it will happen to us but being prepared as a new dog owner is important. This is the most complete first aid kit we’ve seen. If you prefer to make your own, learn what you should include.

Essential gifts for new puppy owners

Snuggle Puppy

This is the most highly recommended gift for new puppy owners. It helps soothe a young puppy when learning to be on his own for the first time.

Puppy Kong

A Puppy Kong is a great way to mentally stimulate a new puppies mind. Fill with healthy foods and keep them busy for hours. Create a personalized recipe booklet to make it a special gift.

The art of raising a puppy

This is one of my favorite dog training books. It follows the story of raising a puppy in a way that is entertaining and educational.

Excercis / Playpen

Absolutely one of the most essential gifts you can give any new puppy owner. A play yard is a lifesaver for the puppy’s first year. Opt for the 48″ tall play pen, even if the puppy is small, trust me they learn to jump and climb over the short version. I learned the hard way, LOL.

Doggy Lawn

Living in an apartment or a house without easy access to the yard, a Doggy Lawn can help potty training with their puppy starter kit.

Carpet cleaner

If you’ve ever had to potty train a puppy, you know a portable carpet cleaner is essential. When we fostered these two puppies, I used this portable carpet cleaner several times a day.

Fun and unique gifts for new dog owners

Personalized raised dog food bowls

Raised dog bowls are nice for medium to large dogs so they don’t have to lean down to eat. Having it personalized makes it a great gift. And Etsy is the place to find that unique gift for any new dog owner.

Furbo Dog Camera

A dog camera is a luxury many dog owners would love to have so they can watch their dog when away, but may not want to spend the money… making it a great gift for new dog mom and dads.


DogTV made for dogs, is one of the most unique gifts for new dog parents. Great for busy dog owners. Get 33% off DOGTV after a FREE 7 day trial!

PajamaGram Matching Family Pajama Sets

I’ve been wanting to get this as a gift for my daughter and her new dog. Isn’t it adorable? PajamaGram has so many different options, for adults, kids and pets!

Waterproof Dog Collar

We got Biothane Waterproof Dog Collars for all three of our dogs and I will never get another collar again! They are amazing, lightweight, easy to clean and never get stinky. These are personalized, so you don’t even need a separate dog tag.

Chewy Goody Box

It’s no secret that my all time favorite place to get my dogs food, treats and toys is Chewy. Did you know they have special Goody Boxes? At the time of this writing, they have 20 different goody boxes for dogs, including Disney!

dog drinking from YETI dog bowl

YETI Boomer Dog Bowl

I love my YETI cup so much, I use it every single day. So it only makes sense to get the dogs their very own YETI Dog Bowl! Available in several colors and a 4-cup and 8-cup option.

Personalized dog treat jar

How sweet are these personalized dog treat jars. This is a gift that most people may not splurge on themselves but will appreciate the thoughtfulness of it from you. Fill it with healthy dog treats for a special touch.

Chuck-It Launcher

If your new dog loves to play ball, then a Chuck-It launcher is a must. Splurge on the pro version, it’s well worth it. Our dogs favorite are these blue squeaky balls and will compliment this gift perfectly.


Learning how to trim a dog’s nails is essential for all new dog owners. Starting with a Dremel will make it easier on everyone over the lifetime of the dog, making it a great gift for all dog owners. Don’t go for the cheap pet nail grinders. They aren’t powerful enough for medium to large dogs.

Dog puzzle

Puzzles are a great way to mentally challenge a new dog, and helps the owner get to know their new dog by spending time together on the puzzle.

Treat and Train

Training a new dog with the treat and train makes training time fun and exciting. Splurge on this gift and you will be their new best friend.

Want more dog lover gift ideas? Check out our full library of dog related gift guides and find that perfect gift for everyone on your list in one convenient place!

About the Author

Debi McKee is a mom of three kids, three dogs and the creator of Rescue Dogs 101... where she guides you in your journey of adopting and raising a rescue dog every step of the way. She also volunteers for a local dog rescue and Humane Society.

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