The Ultimate Gift Guide for Cooks that Love Dogs

The Ultimate Gift Guide for Cooks that Love Dogs

​I love to cook for my family, especially when my ​college-aged boys are home! I didn't grow up ​loving to cook, but as a parent I slowly realized that cooking at home was a much better option than eating out every day. I'm certainly not a chef ​by any means, but I do know I can keep my ​famil​y​'s bellies happy. 

Of course my love for my dogs and really any dog, makes me gravitate toward any product that has a paw print or dog attached to it. I've put together this ultimate gift guide for the person that loves to cook, or the professional chef ​on your shopping list. Have fun with this, you can create a gift basket full of dog loving kitchen products that anyone would bark over...

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Gifts Found on Amazon

​As most people, Amazon is my first go-to for online shopping, ​and ​now is the perfect time to ​Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial​. With Prime you get unlimited FREE two-day shipping (no minimum order size).

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​Ulster Weavers Hound Dogs Gauntlet
​adoring these cute dogs on a mu​ch-needed oven mitt. Everyone can use a new oven mitt, I use our oven mitt every​ day and they get worn out and yucky after a while. So a brand new one with dogs would be a perfect add to my kitchen.

Ulster Weavers Hound Dogs Gauntlet

​Dog Print Apron 
​is perfect for the messy cook that wants to keep clean while cooking in the kitchen. Actually would be great for a craft project apron.

Home-X Dog Print Apron

Food Grade Silicone Molds set with paw prints and bones. I've been wanted these ever since finding a recipe on Pinterest that uses them. They are so cute and make cute little treats for you or your dog! ​Use them as Ice Cube Molds, Candy, ​Baking ​or anything you can dream of

Non-stick Ice Cube Mold, Jelly, Biscuits, Chocolate, Candy, Cupcake Baking Mould, Muffin Pan
Pastabilities Dog Lovers Pasta

Dog Cookie Cutter Set​​ – You get 3 Pieces - Labrador Dog, Paw Print, and Dog Bone​. Great for making cookies or even dog treats! Added bonus, as these are made in the USA.

When I saw this Pastabilities Dog Lovers Pasta I couldn't help but include it into this ultimate gift guide. ​I really LOVE pasta, and dogs... so it's a perfect fit for me.

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Pastabilities Dog Lovers Pasta

​I Love My Dog Toaster ​will toast 2 slices of your bread with ​a paw print and bone image right onto the bread! ​

Gifts Found on The Animal Rescue Site

Buy from and every purchase funds food and care for rescued animals! ​

Order something for yourself while you're there... I ordered a sweatshirt and it is hands down my favorite! For ​ all orders, they offer flat rate $4.95 standard shipping to any destination in the United States!

dog lover oven mitts

​These doggy oven mitts are just as cute as the ones from Amazon​. I like to purchase my gifts from one or two online stores to save on shipping, so choose which ever you like the best!

dog paw print measuring cup

​​No kitchen is complete without a glass measuring cup, so what better way to measure than with this pawfect 2 cup measure.

​No kitchen is complete without a glass measuring cup, so what better way to measure than with this pawfect.
dog mom cutting board

​Dog Mom Silicone ​and Bamboo Cutting Board is a great addition to any kitchen. It's great as a second cutting board, as it is small. 

Dog Mom Silicone & Bamboo Cutting Board
dog paw print rolling pin

​Paw Print Rolling Pin rolls out the dough with a paw print patter! This would really make cute cookies or even a pie dough. I even know some people collect rolling pins, this would be a great gift for the collector.

Paw Print Rolling Pin

dog paw print measuring spoons

​Silicone Purple Paw Measuring Spoons are so cute and they make it easy to find in the utensil drawer. Perfect add-on to your dog-lover gift basket. 

Silicone Purple Paw Measuring Spoons
​​The Paws Kitchen Spatulas

​The Paws Kitchen Spatulas adds to the kitchen paw print collection. They also have a handy measuring conversion chart on the back. I think I may order these just for that bonus! I can't tell you how many times I look up how to convert a measurement.
From the Dog Message Coasters

​Set of 4, From the Dog Coasters are too funny. ​This is a great way to liven up the party. I especially love the one that says "U R sittn in my chair"!

Set of 4 From the Dog Coasters
Paw Print Rolling Pin

All Paws Welcome In My Kitchen Apron

All Paws Welcome In My Kitchen Apron is a cute way to stay clean in the ​kitchen. Plus it's black so it won't show those past sauce stains so much. 

All Paws Welcome In My Kitchen Apron
Silicone Purple Paw Measuring Spoons
​​Festival Dogs Kitchen Towels

​Festival Dogs Kitchen Towels match the oven mitts above, making it a great way to coordinate the kitchen. This set comes with a set of two dog​ pattern towels. 

Festival Dogs Kitchen Towels

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