Whether you are preparing to adopt a new puppy or are a seasoned dog owner, you’re in the right place.

Rescue Dogs 101 is dedicated to empowering dog owners with the knowledge and tools they need to nurture happy and healthy relationships with their rescue dogs.

With adoption guidance, healthy tips, training techniques, and product recommendations, we provide comprehensive resources to support you at every step of your journey as a dog owner.

Our mission is to help you understand your dog at a deeper level so you can create the ideal family companion.

A Perfect Dog?

Most of us adopt a dog and have an idea of how we want that dog to behave. TV shows and movies put this picture-perfect dog in our heads, walks around off-leash, comes whenever called, never has separation anxiety or aggression issues, and best of all, saves our kids from danger!

You know… Lassie. But the fact is, those TV dogs have been through hundreds of hours of training, not to mention the power of editing.

Dogs aren’t born understanding our “rules”. So we can’t expect to adopt a dog, bring them home, and be perfect.

As dog parents, we have the responsibility to listen to our dogs and learn from them. And do our best to feed them the best food, give them the physical and mental exercise they need, and understand their language.

Where are you on your journey?

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Hi, my name is Debi McKee.

I am a mom of three human kids and four dogs. My passions are dogs and design. In my spare time, I volunteer for a local dog rescue as a foster and perform home visits.

My husband and I had the pleasure of adopting and raising eight dogs over the past 28+ years. Symba, Nala, Abby Girl, JJ, Ginger, Bear, Thunder, and Wizard all have played a part in who I am as a dog mom today.

As a dog owner and foster home, I’ve experienced many different dog personalities, gone through several training programs with our dogs, attended training seminars, and have become a master of Google searches.

But Ginger was the ONE dog that changed everything. Between her allergies and resource aggression, there is never a dull moment in our lives.

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Debi McKee creator of Rescue Dogs 101 with her dogs Ginger and Bear

The Rescue Dogs 101 Shop

Rescue Dogs 101 Shop

I love combining my professional graphic design background with my love of dogs. You will find a library of creative printables to help you with your journey of adopting and raising your rescue dog.  

The shop has templates, forms, posters, calendars, recipe booklets, and more.