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9 Reasons to Adopt a Mutt vs. a Pure Breed Dog

If you need a reason to Adopt a Mutt, here are 9 of them:

  1. When you adopt a mutt, you are saving a dog’s life. Shelters are full of mixed breed dogs that need a home.
  2. Mutts are always unique and one-of-a-kind. Even mutt puppies from the same litter will all look different. Just like children in the same family! Each puppy will pick up different genes from the mother and father, making them each unique.
  3. Adopting a dog from a shelter is less expensive than pure breed dogs from a breeder. Buying a dog from a breeder can run into the thousands. While adoption fees for shelter dogs are usually $100-$400.
  4. Adopting a rescue dog will (should) come to you already spayed or neutered, saving you hundreds of dollars.
  5. Mix breed dogs can be healthier than purebred dogs. I’ve always thought this, but I found some actual research to back it up. Purebred vs Mutt Health:
  6. Mutts have a lot of love to give. Okay, I admit all dogs, purebred or mixed breed will love you to death, but there’s something special about the love of a mutt.
  7. Mutts just may have more character than a purebred. Purebred dogs are all about predictability, for example, labrador retrievers are water lovers, tennis ball enthusiasts and shed like crazy. If you ask 10 people that own a labrador, I’d bet at least 9.9 of those would say their lab loves water and his tennis ball, and guarantee they all shed like crazy! Mix breeds bring the element of surprise, each having their own unique character from the mix of breeds that make up their DNA.
  8. DNA tests are fun to get on your mutt! We decided to get a DNA test done on our Ginger simply for the fun of it. It doesn’t matter to us what her genetics are, we love her the same, but it’s fun when people ask what she is and we can rattle off all 5 breeds that create each of her features!
  9. Because mutts are awesome… yeah okay, any dog is awesome. But mixed breeds are so unique, they have a special place in my heart.
Foster Dog Ginger

The unique features of our mutt, Ginger, make her one-of-a-kind.

July 31 and December 2 is National Mutt Day

While I’m not really big into celebrating “national” days, National Mutt Day was started to raise awareness of all the mix breeds that are in shelters and rescues that need loving homes. So, I do recognize the need to promote adopting mutts from shelters and rescues. Yes, pure breed dogs can also be found in shelters or breed-specific rescues, but according to the National Mutt Day website, “approximately 80% of dogs in shelters are mixed breeds”.

We actually have a mutt, Ginger, and a pure breed yellow lab, Bear. We adopted Bear from a family that realized they didn’t have the time, space or capability to train a 90 lb. lab. Both dogs are awesome in their own unique ways and I wouldn’t trade either one for anything.

What is important to me is saving a dog’s life, and we have saved many dogs by adopting and fostering. I’ve never purchased a dog from a breeder, although I am not against it… reputable breeders have their place in the dog world. Personally, it’s just not for me, but that’s an entirely another topic.

How to adopt the perfect dog

53 Questions You Must Ask When Adopting a Dog

​It is ​super important to find out as much as possible about the dog you want to adopt BEFORE you​ adopt him. That is why I have put together a list of questions you should be asking the humane society or rescue group about ​any dog you ​are interested in.


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Mixed or Purebred Puppy: Which is Better?

For me, I feel pure breed dogs are all about predictability. If you really want a specific type of dog and want to adopt a puppy, then maybe purchasing a purebred puppy is right for you.

I truly believe that mutts are healthier. 4 out 6 of our dogs have been mutts, and the first purebred yellow lab, Abby, had terrible health issues and passed away much too young. Now, this could have been because of bad breeding or just bad luck. So far so good with our yellow lab, Bear. But as stated above, the studies have backed up what I felt all along.

The downside of adopting a young mixed breed puppy is not knowing what he will look like when he becomes an adult. So if you want certain characteristics and more predictability, then maybe consider adopting a mutt that is 1 year or older. Read why adopting a senior dog may be a perfect choice!

If knowing how big your puppy will be or what he will look like as an adult isn’t important to you, then adopting a mixed breed puppy is the right decision. Just remember, all puppies are cute, mixed or pure… but they all grow up to be adult dogs and just may have the face only a mother could love.

P.S. So what do you think? Is your dog a pure breed or mutt? Comment below with why you decided either way…

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