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Rain, rain, go away! Come back another day… did you ever sing that song as a kid? We have a love-hate relationship with the weather, don’t we? We need the rain to keep our lawns and gardens alive, but when it comes to having to go outside in it, well… rain, rain go away!

So what do you do when your dog won’t go out in the rain? You know he has to go potty, and you don’t want him to pee or poop inside, so taking your dog out in the rain is your only choice.

My dog won’t go out in the rain

But what do you do when he refuses to go outside? Do you buy a dog raincoat or maybe doggy rain boots? Maybe. There are some adorable options to choose from to keep your pooch dry.

But realistically, are you going to put a raincoat on your dog each time he has to go potty? Me… I’m too lazy to fuss with all that.

If your dog won’t go out in the rain, you have two choices, give him a space inside where he can go potty. The Doggie Lawn is a great option. Or train him to like the rain.

Doggy Lawn Dogs

The first step is to get your dog adapted to having his paws wet. You can do this by putting down a wet towel and tossing treats on it. Make this a positive experience, never force your dog or it will have the opposite effect. Try other methods such as a bathtub or baby pool filled with a small amount of water. Try getting a mister sprinkler and have fun on a hot summer day with your dog. Play games with your dog in or near the water. (Check out this adorable Splash Sprinkler Pad for Dogs!)

Taking your dog out in the rain

Going outside in the rain WITH your dog is important. Pull out your umbrella, the bigger the better, and take your dog outside on a leash to where he likes to go potty. Shelter your dog with an umbrella to help him stay dry.

This is the perfect situation when having trained your dog to potty on cue is ideal. Train your dog to “potty” or whatever word you want to use, is simple.

A leash, treats, praise, and a full bladder is all you need. During normal weather take your dog outside and the second he goes pee or poop, say “potty” and then praise, treat and have a party out of it. It’s a lot like potty training a puppy.

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Walking your dog in the rain

Is it okay to walk your dog in the rain? The short answer is yes. But of course, as long as the weather is SAFE. Don’t go outside in a thunderstorm or if the weather is dangerous in any way.

If your dog won’t walk in the rain, a raincoat could help him stay dry and perhaps more comfortable. Carry an umbrella with you to help keep you both dry. Some people even find dog rain boots help keep his paws dry.

Why are dogs afraid of the rain?

Every situation is different, but many dogs don’t like the feeling of being wet, the sound of rain or wind, and many animals are more sensitive to barometric pressure.

Dogs also pick up on our human behaviors. If you don’t like the rain, it’s more than likely neither does your dog.

Go outside with your dog and have fun. Remember going out as a kid and jumping in puddles? Why not be a kid again and go out in the rain and fun with your dog?

If your dog won’t pee or poop in the rain

If you’ve tried all of our tips and your dog just won’t pee or poop outside in the rain, then try the Doggie Lawn. It could just be a lifesaver.

I usually look for a small break in the rain and dash outside before it starts pouring again.

One last trick, try making a “dry” area in your yard. An awning or rock garden can help create a nice potty space for your dog whenever it rains.

The best dog raincoat

Raincoat, poncho, rain jacket, whatever you want to call it, If you choose to get one for your dog, the most important key is to make sure it fits him properly.

You will find many styles and brands to choose from, raincoats with hoods, raincoats that protect the back and belly, and even raincoats that have pockets. Here are my top 3 picks for the best dog raincoat:


Dr. NONO Dog Raincoat with Zipper and Reflective Strip

This dog raincoat has adjustable elastic cords with buckles on the leg, neck and belly, reflective strips and traction rope openings, which can be adjusted according to the dog’s body, which is convenient for you and your dog. The seller offers a 100% WORRY-FREE GUARANTEE.

I like this raincoat because it not only covers the dogs back, but his legs and belly too. It has a full 5 star rating on Amazon, which isn’t easy to do.


Frisco Rainy Days Dog Raincoat

This dog raincoat is made with a water-resistant PVC coating designed to keep your pup dry come drizzle or downpour, and it has secure neck and belly fuzzy fastener straps to ensure a snug fit all around‚ and a drier pooch.

The built-in leash hole lets you attach a leash to a collar worn underneath the raincoat, so you can always be ready to dash, and the large reflective stripes help increase visibility for added safety. Plus, it’s available in different sizes to fit dogs of most proportions.


Mile High Life Dog Raincoat

This water proof dog raincoat is adjustable and lightweight. It features an easy step-in closure so it’s easy to get it on your dog. It’s not the best choice for windy weather, as users have complained that the back flips up if the wind catches it.

What to do with your dog if it’s raining?

It’s okay to still take walks outside in the rain. But if it’s been raining all day or even for several days, you and your dog are likely getting cabin fever. Dogs need mental and physical activity. So on days when you can’t spend a lot of time outside, we have several game ideas for you to play with your dog.

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Recap of the tips and tricks to get your dog to potty outside in the rain:

  1. Acclimate your dog to being wet and having wet paws
  2. Use a large umbrella to keep you both dry
  3. Train your dog to potty on cue
  4. Get a dog raincoat and/or dog rain boots
  5. Have fun in the rain WITH your dog
  6. Use Doggie Lawn
  7. Take a walk with your dog
  8. Make a dry area in your yard with an awning or rock garden

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  1. Have tried some of these methods. My rescue dogs are from Mexico and they hate our Pacific Coast weather. The five year dog sneaks away to poop on a white shag rug and just refuses to go outside or stay outside. When we walk her she waits until we are back home and does her business there where it is warm and cosy. She is a Maltipoo. the older dog seems to know better but doesn't like our weather either. We have had the older dog one year and the younger one 3 months.

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