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Easy and Natural Home Remedies for Kennel Cough

Is your dog coughing, hacking or maybe even sounds like he’s going to vomit? Has your dog been exposed to other dogs at a dog park, doggie daycare or boarding? Your dog may have kennel cough.

Now, don’t panic just yet. Kennel cough is highly contagious, but it’s also easily treated. You can call your vet and they can prescribe an antibiotic and your dog should feel better within a few days.

There are many natural remedies for kennel cough that you can do at home for your dog. I wish I knew about these several years ago when our newly adopted dog, JJ, came down with kennel cough right after we brought him home.

Black dog, JJ running in backyard

If you are unsure if your dog has kennel cough or want more facts about kennel cough, please read The Kennel Cough FAQ and the Truth About the Bordetella Vaccine.

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Here are five easy, natural kennel cough home remedies and prevention techniques. The first three are already in my routine to give to our dogs as they have so many other benefits:

1. Raw Honey

Raw honey has so many health benefits for us as humans and for our dogs. I started giving this to our dogs as a treat after learning the antibacterial properties raw honey has for them. I use it to help with Ginger’s allergies, but the benefits list is much longer.

2. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is another superfood for our dogs. It too has antibacterial properties so will not only help keep your dog in good health but also give him a nice shiny coat. Read my article: Is Coconut Oil Good For Your Dog to learn more about why you should be feeding your dog coconut oil every day!

Probonix by Humarian bottle

3. Probiotics

Our dog’s food does not give them all the nutrition they need. Even if you buy super high-quality kibble like we do, our dogs need more. I started adding probiotics to our dog’s food about 3 months ago and I have noticed big changes in their overall health. Probiotics promotes healthy immune system in humans and dogs. We are currently using Probonix by Humarian, our dogs love it and I love how easy it is to add to their food! I highly recommend adding this to your dogs food, even if they are healthy! And guess what, if you order by clicking this link and using coupon code: RESCUE101, you will receive 20% off your order!

4. Steam

Just as when you are sick and a hot steamy bath helps clear out your nose, the steam will do the same for your pup. When you take a shower, bring your dog into the bathroom with you. You don’t have to bring him in the actual shower with your, just let the bathroom steam up and let him sit in there for as long as he can.

You can also use a vaporizer at night in the room he sleeps in. Just using plain water, fill the vaporizer and let it run while you both sleep. I recommend closing the door so you keep the steam and your dog in the same room. Do not add any Vicks Vapor Rub to the water, I’ve heard some conflicting stories about whether it is safe for dogs or not, so I’d error on the side of caution and just use water.

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5. Robitussin

It is said that Robitussin can be used as a home remedy for kennel cough. I personally have not used it, so I would highly recommend you contact your vet to find out if it is okay to administer Robitussin to your dog and what the correct dosage would be for him. VetInfo.com has a great article about administrating Robitussin to dogs, but please call your vet since there can be adverse side effects.

If you are unsure if your dog has kennel cough or want more facts about kennel cough, please read The Kennel Cough FAQ and the Truth About the Bordetella Vaccine.

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