If you have a stubborn dog that refuses to listen when you try to correct a bad behavior, then you should consider the Pet Convincer.

The Pet Convincer is a small hand-held air compressor, which when pressed, shoots out a loud spurt of air. In turn, startling the dog out of the bad behavior you are trying to correct. It does not harm your dog in any way, it’s just air.

Our Pet Convincer Story and Resource Guarding

We adopted our dog, Ginger, when she was 6 months old. We quickly learned that Ginger has resource guarding issues.

We struggled for over a year with how to correct her behavior. We never had a dog that was resource aggressive and really didn’t know why, how or what!

Fast forward a year and we met with a balanced dog trainer that suggested using the Pet Convincer.

He demonstrated with Ginger, and I was shocked how quickly her behavior changed. We gave her a peanut butter filled kong, which she would normally protect. The trainer told Ginger to “leave it”, she didn’t and he pointed and triggered the Pet Convincer. She jumped back a mile, leaving her peanut butter filled kong behind.

We continued this training session at home, using a very high-valued bone. Ginger would be chewing the bone, I would say “leave it” and if she didn’t drop it immediately, I would trigger the Pet Convincer.

Ginger would occasionally be reactive towards other dogs on a leash when we walked. So I carried the Pet Convincer with us on our walks, used it maybe 2 times and she hasn’t had a dog-to-dog reaction since. Now all I have to say is “leave it” and she looks at me immediately for direction.

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When to Use the Pet Convincer

Perfect for correcting bad behaviors in your dog such as unwanted barking, jumping, resource guarding, digging, and to control other dogs that may be off leash.

I even witnessed a dog owner using it at the dog park when another dog was getting too aggressive with her dog. It worked great to scare the other dog away from her dog, possibly preventing a full-blown dogfight.

You can read more about the Pet Convincer on their website. You can purchase it on Amazon here.

Product Review Pet Convnice

How to use the Pet Convincer

When you first receive your Pet Convincer, the CO2 cartridge will need to be installed. To do this, open the body by twisting it open. Twist on the CO2 cartridge, and make sure you twist it tightly to avoid leaking. Then replace the body by twisting it closed. It’s that simple, you’re ready to train.

You can set your dog up to perform the bad behavior used the opportunity as a training session. So for us we wanted to correct Ginger’s resource guarding, we set Ginger up with a bone I knew she would protect and growl. I told her to “leave it” and when she didn’t, I triggered the Pet Convincer. Ginger then dropped the bone, and I was able to pick up the bone. Our trainer said to drop the bone back down and let her go to it on her own. Don’t offer it back to her, let her make the decision on her own.

It’s important to tell the dog NO, LEAVE IT, or whatever your command is, BEFORE spraying the air. You need to give your dog the opportunity to obey your command BEFORE correcting her.

Every dog is different, and your dog may not be as sensitive as our Ginger, but if you’re struggling with a bad behavior, I totally recommend giving the Pet Convincer a try. The best place to purchase it is on Amazon.

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