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If you dream of living on a tropical island, the Caribbean or maybe a Hawaiian beach, why not use that love of the beach as your dog’s name. 

If I close my eyes, I can imagine the bright blue water, warm sun on my face and sand on my feet. 

Every time you call your dogs name you will be brought back to your favorite tropical vacation. Dog names inspired by travel can provide you with a daily dose of sunny beach dreams.

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Beach dog names

  • Aruba – famous for crystal blue beaches 
  • Bondi [Beach, Sydney, Australia] surf
  • Copa [Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil]
  • Daytona – [Florida]
  • Dune – a mound or ridge of sand 
  • Haven [Whitehaven Beach, Whitsunday Island, Australia] a place of safety or refuge
  • Huntington [California]
  • Irving – green or fresh water
  • Maya [Bay, Phi Phi Islands, Thailand] illusion or magic
  • Monica [Santa Monica Beach, California] solitary
  • Myrtle [Beach, South Carolina]
  • Natadola [Beach, Fiji]
  • Navagio [Beach, Zakynthos, Greece] shipwreck
  • Negril [Jamacia] little black ones
  • Omura [Ryukyu Islands] large village
  • Reny [Renaissance Island, Aruba Waikiki, Honolulu, Hawaii]
  • Sandy
  • Saunton [North Devon, England] settlement by the sands
  • Sheba [Bathsheba Beach, Barbados] promise
  • Shelly
  • Spiaggia [Grande, Positano, Italy] means beach in Italian
  • Tide – rising and falling of the surface of the ocean
  • Tulum [Mexican Caribbean] wall
  • Waikiki [Honolulu, Hawaii] spouting fresh water

Island, Tropical, Caribbean, Saltwater dog names

Picture your favorite tropical travel destination… maybe it’s a specific Caribbean Island or you just enjoy swimming in the saltwater ocean… remember to choose a name for your dog that is fitting to his personality. Many of these tropical names are universal, so perfect for your girl or boy dog.

  • Amphitrite [greek mythology] goddess-queen of the sea
  • Ariel – lion of God, The Little Mermaid
  • Arnav [Hindi] ocean 
  • Atlanta
  • Atoll – A coral island
  • Avisa [Sankrit] ocean
  • Azure – blue, the color of the Caribbean oceans
  • Blue 
  • Brine – salty water
  • Captain
  • Cay – low island, coral reef, or sandbar
  • Coral
  • Cordelia [greek mythology] goddess of the sea
  • Cove
  • Daria, Darya [Persian] sea
  • Delja [Polish] daughter of the sea
  • Delmar [Spanish] of the sea
  • Delmore [French] of the sea
  • Deniz [Turkish] sea
  • Derya [Turkish] sea
  • Eyot – a little island
  • Gali [Hebrew] my wave
  • Gyatso [Tibetan] ocean
  • Hali – [Greek] sea
  • Haven – A harbour
  • Holm – A small island in a river or lake
  • Isla– [Spanish] Land surrounded by water
  • Itsaso [Spanish] sea
  • Loch – arm of the sea
  • Morgan [Welsh] sea chief, protector
  • Murdock [Scottish and Gaelic] sea
  • Murial [Celtic] of the bright sea
  • Murphy [Irish and Gaelic] sea warrior
  • Neptune [Roman mythology] God of the sea
  • Nerissa [Greek] from the sea
  • Oceana [Greek] ocean
  • Onda [Italian] wave
  • Ondine [Latin] little wave
  • Pasha [Greek] of the ocean
  • Reef
  • Seaway – ocean travel route
  • Seven – seas, all the oceans of the world
  • Squid – deepwater fish
  • Tasman – Sea, South Pacific sea between New Zealand and Australia
  • Triton [Greek mythology] God of the Sea
  • Ula [Celtic] gem of the sea
  • Wave

Hawaiian dog names

Traditional Hawaiian names have very specific meanings. has a Hawaiian language guide that could spark some unique ideas.

Below are 91 of the most popular Hawaiian dog names: 

  • Aikane [ai kah’ neh] Friend
  • Ailani [ah ee law nee] High Chief
  • Alana [ah law nah] Awakening
  • Ali’ikai [ah lee ‘ee kai] King or Queen of the Sea
  • Alohi [ah low hee] Brilliant
  • Anuhea [ah new hay ah] Cool and Fragrant
  • Aolani [a oh law nee] A Heavenly Cloud
  • `Auli`I [au lee’ ee] Dainty, Exquisite
  • `Eleu [eh’ leu] Alert, Lively, Energetic, Spry, Nimble, Agile
  • Hau’oli [how ol ee] Joy, Happy
  • Hawika [hah vee ka] Beloved
  • Hiwahiwa [hee’ vah hee’ vah] Precious, Beloved, Darling, Indulged, Favorite
  • Hiwalani [he wah law nee] The Attractive One
  • Ho’opono [ho oh poh no] Faithful
  • Hokuikekai [hoh’ koo’ ee keh kai] Star of the Sea
  • Ikaika [ee kai’ kah] Strong, Powerful
  • Iolana [ee oh law na] To Soar Like a Hawk
  • Ka Hiwa [kah hee vah] The Favorite One
  • Ka Nui [kah new ee] The Greatest
  • Ka Pua [kah poo ah] The Blossom
  • Kai [kai] sea
  • Kaila [kah ee lah]
  • Kailani – sea and sky
  • Kaimana – kai (“sea”) + mana (“power”) = “powerful sea, sea filled with mana”
  • Kaimana [kai mah nah] Divine Power of the Sea
  • Kaimi [kah ee mee] The Seeker
  • Kalani [kah law ee] Of the Heavens, Chieftain
  • Kalea [kah lee ah] Bright
  • Kamea [kah may ah] The One and Only
  • Kanunu [kah new new] The Strong One
  • Kapa`a [kah pah’ ah] The Firm, The Steadfast
  • Kau’I [kah ooh ee] The Beauty
  • Kei [kei] Dignified
  • Keilani [kay ee law nee] Glorious Chief
  • Kekipi [keh kee’ pee] The Rebel
  • Kekoa [keh koh’ (w)ah] The Brave, The Courageous
  • Keli’I [key lee ee] The Chief
  • Koa [koh’ (w)ah] Brave, Bold, Fearless, Warrior
  • Konani [co naw nee] Bright
  • Ku’oko’a [koo oh koh ah] Independent
  • Ku’uaki [koo’ oo (w)ah’ kee] Guardian
  • Ku’uipo [koo oo ee poh] Sweetheart
  • Ku`u Hoaloha `Oi [koo’ oo hoh (wah) loh’ hah oi] My Best Friend
  • Ku`u Maka [koo’ oo mah’ kah] Apple of My Eye
  • Kupa`a [koo’ pah ah] Loyal
  • Lae`ula [lae oo’ lah] Clever
  • Laie [Lāʻie] Leaf
  • Laka [lah’ kah] Gentle, Tame
  • Lalama [lah lah’ mah] Daring, Fearless, Clever
  • Lana [lah nah] Calm as still waters
  • Lanakila [lah nah key lah] Victorious
  • Leia [lay ee ah] Child of Heaven
  • Luana [loo on ah] Content; Happy
  • Lulua`ina [loo loo (w)ah’ ee nah] Freckles
  • Maka [mah’ kah] Favorite One
  • Maka Koa [mah’ kah koh’ (w)ah] Bold, Fierce
  • Maka Launa [mah’ kah lau’ nah] Friendly
  • Maka Nani [mah ka nah nee] Beautiful Eyes
  • Makaha [mah’ kah hah] Fierce, Ferocious, Savage
  • Makamae [mah kah mae’] Precious, Cherished
  • Makana [mah kah’ nah] Gift
  • Makani [mah kah nee] Wind
  • Malana [mah law nah] Calming, Soothing
  • Malie [mah lee ee] Calm
  • Malu Lani [mah loo law nee] Protected by Heaven
  • Maluhia [mah loo hee ah] Peaceful
  • Mano [mah no] Shark, Passionate Lover
  • Maohi – refers to the ancestors of the Polynesian peoples
  • Mea A`a [meh (y)ah ah’ ah] Adventurer
  • Meli [meh’ lee] Honey
  • Miliani [me lee on nee] Gentle Carress
  • Moana [moh-AH-nah] Ocean
  • Na`auao [nah au (w)ao’] Intelligent
  • Nahoa [nah hoh’ (w)ah] Defiant, Bold
  • Nalani [nah lah nee] The Calm of the Skys
  • Nani [nah’ nee] Beautiful, Pretty
  • Niele [nee’ (y)eh leh] Curious
  • Noa [noh’ (w)ah] Free, Freedom
  • Noelani [no eh lah nee] Beautiful Girl from Heaven
  • Nohea [no hay ah] Loveliness
  • Nui [nui] Big, Large, Great, Important
  • Okalani [oh kah lah nee] From Heaven
  • Palani [pah law nee] A Free Man
  • Pauo’le [pow oh lay] Never Ending
  • Pili Lani [pee lee lah nee] Close to Heaven
  • Pilialoha [pee lee ah loh’ ha] Close Friend
  • Po`okela [poh oh keh lah] Champion, Best, Foremost, Superior
  • Polunu [poh’ loo noo] Chubby
  • Pomaika`I [poh’ mai kah’ ee] Lucky, Blessing, Good Fortune, Blessed, Prosperous
  • Pono [poh no] Righteous
  • Pua [poo’ (w)ah] Flower
  • Pualani [poo ah law nee] Heaven’s Flower; Heavenly Flower
  • Puanani [poo ah naw nee] Beautiful Flower
  • Punahele [poo nah heh’ leh] Favorite
  • Waikea [why-uh-kay-uh] broad waters

Want more dog name ideas? We have a full library of fun dog names grouped by theme, check out the list and let us know what you decide!

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